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About 1924 Fremont St ras Vegas, NV 89101

Newly remodeled. Walking distance to the Fremont st experience. Stainless stole appliances etc etc.The unit is really unique in that it has actually a loft bed which allows for storage, study area, etc.FOR FASTEST response PLEASE TEXT

1924 Fremont St is an apartment located in Clark County, the 89101 ZIP Code, and the attendance zone.

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Air conditioning heater Stainless stole Appliances Kitchen frozen refrigerator Laundry framework Gated
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Downtown serves together the facility of all things commercial, cultural and cook in ras Vegas, hosting extravagant hotels, gambling complexes, good dining and also happening nightlife options. Residential avenues mostly consists and also condos.

The downtown area has become really popular with regional residents and enjoys an ext of a tranquil pace contrasted with the tourist-heavy las vegas Strip. A resurgence of restaurants, live music and other cultural growth is delighted in by the downtown"s diverse residents.

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Beds mean Size Lowest common Premium
Studio Studio Studio 372-379 Sq Ft $695 $1,061 $2,800
1 Bed 1 Bed 1 Bed 821-825 Sq Ft $699 $1,924 $3,727
2 bed 2 bed 2 bed 1214-1232 Sq Ft $750 $2,048 $4,045
3 beds 3 beds 3 bed 1295-1303 Sq Ft $1,000 $1,494 $2,300
4 beds 4 bed 4 beds 4117 Sq Ft $3,200

1924 Fremont St is in ~ 6 minutes or 2.8 miles from Nevada State College. The is additionally near university of southern Nevada and also University that Nevada, las Vegas.


1924 Fremont St is near North ras Vegas, situated 6.4 mile or 12 minute away. Other adjacent airports incorporate McCarran International and also Henderson.

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Time and also distance from 1924 Fremont St.

1924 Fremont St has actually 3 purchase centers in ~ 0.5 miles, which is about a 10-minute walk. The miles and minutes will be because that the farthest away property.
1924 Fremont St has actually 5 parks in ~ 5.2 miles, including exploration Children's Museum, ras Vegas Natural history Museum, and Old las Vegas Mormon State historic Park.

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