View modeGet one 80% card arsenal to unlock see mode.

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Recipe modeGet a 90% card repertoire to unlock recipe mode. In this mode, you have the right to use approximately one banned card.One Forbidden card allowed banlistGet a 90% card collection.Amazoness card SetDefeat Amazoness Paladin in ~ the Colosseum in Duel world using all of the structure decks to unlock the Amazoness map Set. The Amazoness Card set has Amazon Archer, Amazoness Blowpiper, Amazoness Chain Master, Amazoness Fighter, Amazoness Paladin, Amazoness Swords Woman, Amazoness Tiger, Amazoness Spellcaster, and also Amazoness Archers.Stone Seal ChallengesSuccessfully finish the shown task come unlock the equivalent challenge:World the GraceMaster the OZ rock Seal challenge: loss Curan, Knopse, Sonic Shooter, and Skull Servant 5 times.World that SunlightExxodd stone Seal challenge: loss Kabasaurus and also Wasteland Lady five times. Neo Daedalus rock Seal challenge: defeat Abyss Soldier, Maiden the Ocean, and also Sea Serpent Darkness Soldier 5 times.World the CivilizationVtoZ rock Seal challenge: Defeat great Angus, FoxFire, Luster Dragon, and Stronghold five times.World that DarknessVenominaga rock Seal challenge: Defeat every one of the tags teams five times.World that OrderExodios stone Seal challenge: loss Dance Fairy, Mokemoke, and also Senjuu 5 times. Rainbow Dragon rock Seal challenge: loss Absorption Kid, Guardian point of view Jan, Marshmallon, imperial Knights, Freya, and also Thunder Nyan Nyan five times.World that ChaosArmityle rock Seal challenge: Defeat eco-friendly Gadget, Cyber End, and also Horus five times. Chaos Neos stone Seal challenge: loss E Hero Ailus, E Hero Malicious Edge, and also D Hero Blood five times.

TournamentsSuccessfully finish the shown task come unlock the equivalent tournament:Level 1: Unlock fifteen level 1 tournament opponents in single Duel mode. Level 1 opponents are: Stray Lamb, Jerry beans Man, Winged Kuriboh, reaping machine on the Nightmare The dissatisfied Maiden, elemental Mistress Driad, St. Joan, Hino Kagu Tsuchi heart of the Pharaoh, Otohime, D Hero key Commander, Dark Scorpion Menae King that the Skull Servants, Watapon, Petit Dragon, Gravekeeper cook Kaiser Seahorse, Curse the the Vampire, Aquarian Alessa, Marie the please One Dark Magician Girl, E HERO Lady Heat, Il Blud, and Chrysalis Dolphin.Level 2: Unlock fifteen level 2 tournament adversaries in single Duel mode and the Easy an obstacle setting. Level 2 opponents are: Manju the the 10,000 Hands, Airknight Parshath, gear Golem the relocating Fortress Ojama Yellow, Woodborg Inpachi, Silpheed, SandMoth, Water Dragon, Gemini Elf Luster Dragon 2, Molten Zombie, Neo space Pathfinder, volcano Doomfire irradiate Effigy, toxicity Cloud, Voltanis, Blowback Dragon, Kozaky, Shogun Shien Sabersaurus, D.D. Warrior Lady, spiritual Phoenix Nephytis, and Injection Fairy Lily.
Level 3: Unlock twenty level 3 tournament adversaries in single Duel mode and also the Easy and also Medium an obstacle setting. Level 3 enemies are: every one of the anime characters, Demise, Cyberdark Dragon, Heraklinos Vortex Kong, evil Hero Hell Gainer, and old Gear Gadjiltron.Dragon tag Tournament: Unlock fifteen enemy teams in tags Duel mode.Bonus charactersSuccessfully finish the indicated task to unlock the corresponding character:GX charactersAdrian Gecko (Amon Garam): Successfully complete the Exodius stone Seal challenge.Alexis Rhodes (Tenjoin Asuka): Successfully complete all five obstacles in the underwater map. Atticus Rhodes (Tenjoin Fubuki): Successfully finish the Neo Daedalus rock Seal challenge.Axel Brodie (Austin O"Brien): loss the Dragon/Cerberus team in people Of Darkness.Bastion Misawa (Misawa Daichi): success all the structure duels in the colloseum. Chazz Princeton (Manjoume Thunder): Successfully complete the VWXYZ rock Seal challenge. Dark Zane (Hell Kaiser Ryo): defeat the critical Guardian in the people Of Order.Edo Phoenix: Successfully complete all 5 Guardian difficulties in people Of Darkness.Jaden Yuki (Yuki Judai): Successfully finish the Chaos Neos rock Seal challenge.Jesse Andersen (Johan Andersen): Successfully complete the Rainbow Dragon rock Seal challenge.Marcel Bonaparte (Martin Kanou): Successfully complete the understand Exxodd rock Seal challenge.Pikeru: offer her a card the she likes in solitary Duel mode five times.Syrus Truesdale (Marufuji Sho): loss all 5 decks of the civilization of elegant Guardian.Thelonius Viper (Professor Cobra): Successfully complete the Venominaga rock Seal challenge. Tyranno Hassleberry (Tyranno Kenzan): Successfully finish the grasp of OZ stone Seal challenge. Yubel: Successfully complete the Phantom of Chaos Armytile rock Seal challenge.Original anime charactersBakura: use traps 500 times.Bandit Keith: Summon 1,000 times.Isis Ishtar: Accumulate 100 hours of gameplay.Joey Wheeler (Katsuya Jounochi): Successfully finish six stone Seal challenges. Kaiba: loss Kaibaman. Mai Valentine (Kujaku Mai): use spells 750 times.Malik Ishtar: Accumulate 200 hrs of gameplay.Maximillion Pegasus (Pegasus J Crawford): Successfully finish all Sphynx"s challenges.Yugi: Successfully complete all stone Seal challenges.Tag duel charactersBakura and also Malik: Win utilizing Oujia board (Destiny Board).Chazz and Alexis (Manjoume and also Asuka): have 100 complete tag duels. Jasmine and Mindy (Junko and also Momoe): have 50 total tag duels. Jesse and also Jaden (Johan and also Judai): have actually 150 total tag duels. Joey and Yugi (Jounochi and Yugi): usage Yu-Jo Friendship effectively (opponent accepts her handshake) in a duel. Kaiba and also Yugi: have 200 complete tag duels. Taniya and Misawa : Summon Water Dragon successfully in a duel. Yubel and Marcel (Yubel and Martin): have actually 10,000 DP.Zane and Sheppard (Hell Kaiser and also Principal Samejima): have actually a monster v 20,000 ATK in a duel.

Duel DisksSuccessfully complete the indicated task to unlock the matching Duel Disk:Academy disc Red: win the tags Tournament. Academy disc Yellow: victory ten consecutive solitary Duels.Adrian"s (Amon"s) Disk: Successfully complete the Exodios stone Seal Challenge. Alchemy Disk: loss Jaden (Judai) ten times. Extraterrestrial Disk: Unlock all enemies in tag Duel mode. Amazoness Disk: victory all the framework duels in the Colloseum. Axel"s (O"Brien"s) Disk: Successfully finish the civilization Of Civilization. Black Disk: loss Joey (Jounochi) ten times. Egyptian Disk: defeat Marik ten times. Girl"s Disk: loss Alexis (Asuka) ten times. Gorgeous Disk: loss Jesse (Johan) ten times. Kaibaman Disk: loss Kaiba ten times. Pharaoh"s Disk: loss Malik ten times. Traditional Disk: loss Yugi ten times. Vampire Disk: Unlock all opponents in single Duel mode. Yubel Disk: Successfully complete the Armityle stone Seal Challenge.

DuelistsSuccessfully finish the shown task in people mode come unlock the equivalent Duelist in complimentary mode:Amon: Successfully complete the Exodios Seal stone challenge. Bakura: Activate 500 traps. Bandit Keith: have 1,000 summons. Curse the Darkness: talk to Gigobyte, then defeat Curse the Darkness in world 1. E- Hero Lady Heat: defeat E-Hero Knospe 5 times. Isis: reach 100 hrs of gameplay. Johan: Successfully complete the Rainbow Dragon Seal rock challenge. Jounochi: Win 6 Seal rock challenges. Judai: Successfully finish the Chaos Neos Seal stone challenge. King that the Skull Servants: defeat Skull Servant 5 times. Mai: Activate 750 spells. Malik: with 200 hours of gameplay. Martin: Successfully complete the Exxodd Seal stone challenge. Maximillion Pegasus: success all five Guardian Sphinx challenges in world 2. Professor Cobra: Successfully complete the Venominaga Seal stone challenge. Syrus Truesdale: success all 5 Guardian Embust obstacles in civilization 1. Tyranno Kenzan: Successfully finish the grasp Of OZ Seal stone challenge. Yubel: Successfully finish the Armytile Seal stone challenge. Yugi: Unseal all stone challenges.Successfully complete the suggested task in world mode to unlock the matching Duelists as adversaries in tag mode:Amazoness Taniya and Misawa: Summon Water Dragon. Bakura and Malik: Win utilizing Oujia Board/Destiny Board. HellKaiser and Principal Samejima: have actually one of her monsters carry out over 20,000 ATK points of damage. Johan and also Judai: have actually 150 sign duels. Junko and also Momoe: have actually 50 sign duels. Little Yugi and also Jounochi: use Yujyo. Manjoume and Asuka: have 100 tags duels. Yubel and Martin: acquire 10,000+ DP. Yugi and Kaiba: have 200 tags duels.

CostumesSuccessfully finish the indicated task come unlock the corresponding costume:Academia Jersey: Unlock every GX anime characters in tags Duel mode.Blue Uniform: Unlock all GX anime personalities in single Duel mode.E Hero Neos or Cyber Tutu: gain a 100% card collection.Elf Swordsman or Dark Magician Girl: Successfully finish the human being Of Order.Kaibaman cloak or Harpy Lady Costume: Win five times v 70 single Duel opponents.Kimono: Successfully finish all Seal rock challenges.King coat or Queen Coat: gain an 85% card collection.Moonlight or salesman Uniform: success the Tag tournament on the Easy, Medium, and also Hard an obstacle setting.Night irradiate or ?: Win 5 times v 20 tags Team opponents.Stuffy Collared shirt (Blazer): Unlock all original anime personalities in single Duel mode.T-shirt: have 200 total duels.White coat or Gothic: Successfully finish the people Of Civilization.Yellow Uniform: have actually 400 total duels.

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HairstylesSuccessfully finish the shown task to unlock the corresponding hairstyle:Hair 12: Successfully finish all Seal rock challenges. Hair 13: get an 85% map collection.