You space the Potter ns am the Clay text – Vineyard

Change my heart five GodMake it ever before trueChange my heart oh GodMay i be choose You

You room the potterI to be the clayMold me and also make meThis is what ns pray

Change mine heart oh GodMake it ever trueChange mine heart oh GodMay ns be like You

Lord, You room the Potter and also I am the clay.Mold me and also make me, have Thine own way

Lord, I need Your Spirit, Lord, I require Your grace;Help me to run this Christian race.

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You space the Potter, i am the clay.Mold me and also make me, have Thine very own way.

Lord, I offer my life, I provide my every to You,To it is in a willing vessel, to use me through and through.

Lord, I require Your Spirit, Lord, I need Your grace;Help me to run this Christian race.

Have your way,Have Your means in me.

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