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When I replaced my battery, i went with an OEM. Ns figure since it it s long 9 years that it wasn"t a poor deal.
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the dealership that sold me mine star motorcycle uses yusa for replacement batteries yet you can gain them cheaper top top line ns think the 1100 yusa is YT14-B-BS about 100 bucks

When I changed my battery, ns went through an OEM. I figure due to the fact that it it is long 9 years that it wasn"t a poor deal.

I went through a different size battery 보다 stock.....Stock battery - YT14-B4 12 Amp Hours and also was 135 Cold Cranking Amps - I think the newer aftermarket execution are approximately 200 CCA 6"L x 2 3/4"W x 5 3/4" HReplacement Battery: - XTAX14-BS or indistinguishable (key info: TX14-BS) 12 amp Hours and 200 Cold Cranking Amps - 6"L x 3 7/16"W x 5 3/4" H (11/16" fatter). Exact same or an ext was 1/3 less money than the stock battery. It"s a tiny wider, but will to the right the compartment perfectly. The brand is up to you, yet I"d pick a significant one.
Sick ****
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I switch to Shorai lithium battery in both of our bikes a couple of years ago, and they"ve to be AWESOME. They"re expensive, because that sure, but their performance is far better than any type of lead acid battery I"ve ever before owned.I an initial bought one because that my Shadow, because I was just getting around 2 years the end of every battery. It turns out that i was death the battery by consistently draining castle (I was making use of too small of a sluggish jet after ~ doing some various other mods, so beginning was hard). Ns assumed that if the battery to be dying, I necessary a better battery. In the end, that wasn"t the instance - yet the Shorai battery operated so fine that ns bought one because that my wife"s bike, too. The points I like about them are:1. Lock crank hard. Both bikes fire increase noticeably faster with the lithium batteries than v the command ones. The distinction is more than likely a 2nd or less, yet after year of gaining used to how long they require to ignite, girlfriend can definitely tell that it"s faster with the brand-new batteries.2. The lights space brighter. I was kind of concerned at first that I might burn other out, yet after 4 periods on one bike and also 1 season top top the other, no difficulties so far. Per my analog multimeter, this batteries put out around 13.7 volts.3. They fee fast, and hold a charge for months. Ns haven"t done quantified testing on the fee rates, yet I uncover that ~ a an overwhelming start the would generally run down my command battery, these batteries bounce ago after a short ride to city (10-15 minutes). After acquisition them off the warehouse shelf in the basement, whereby they"ve satellite for the previous 6 months with no battery tender, both of lock registered 13.6 volts!The batteries are likewise extremely light, and also smaller 보다 an indistinguishable lead battery. The weight distinction is negligible in a 600 lb bike, yet it"s exciting to hold in her hand. The batteries come v a collection of foam pads of miscellaneous sizes to heat the inner of your bike"s battery box, too, in bespeak to obtain a nice, chop fit.Lithium batteries might not be for everyone due to the cost and also reportedly poor cold weather performance (colder 보다 you"d realistically it is in riding at), yet I"m sold on them because that our motorcycles.

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