2021 Yamaha TT R230 is the best-performing follow bike created by Yamaha due to the fact that 2005. Yamaha TT R230 is the successor to the TT R225. You will certainly find similar names, choose TT, TTR, and XT, draft by the firm for semi-off-road and street talk purposes. 

Yamaha TT R230 is a mid-range dust bike perfect for both beginner and also intermediate riders, alongside kids and also teens. You have the right to use it for off-road trials and additionally family recreation. It comes with a wider seat, softer suspension, and also high soil clearance, thereby supplying you a comfortable ride.

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2021 Yamaha TT R230 Bike complete guide Includes below Details:

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Yamaha TT R230 gets YZ-inspired handling and looks. Besides, it comes through a stout 223cc air-cooled SOHC four-stroke engine that renders predictable broadband power. Overall, the cycle is fantastic choice for beginners as well as average bikers.

TT R230 likewise offers the competition-style flat seat place for the rider the presents fantastic mobility. Yamaha TT R230 gets the smart electrical start option. This an easy push that a switch makes it an easy-to-use motorcycle.

The soil clearance of 11.6 inches, reduced seat height, and a long-travel suspension do this one of the finest trail bikes accessible for different kinds the riders. Yamaha TT R230 obtain a steel, diamond-type style frame, i beg your pardon offers terrific handling and strength.


If girlfriend are looking for the 2021 Yamaha TT R230 price, specifications, an essential features, optimal speed, testimonial videos, and also images, girlfriend have concerned the right place. Our article provides friend a in-depth review of the Yamaha TT R230 motorbike. Inspect the table below.

2021 Yamaha TT R230 because that Sale Price in the USA

2021 Yamaha TT R230 Price
Starting Price$4,449
Destination Charge$250.00

Key facts of Yamaha TT R230

Yamaha TT R230 ColorsBlue
Yamaha TT R230 Fuel Capacity2.1 gal
Yamaha TT R230 Horsepower17hp


Yamaha TT R230 Specifications


Engine Type223cc air-cooled, SOHC 4-stroke, 2 valves
Bore x Stroke70.0mm x 58.0mm
Compression Ratio9.5:1


TransmissionConstant-mesh 6-speed, multiplate wet clutch
Final DriveChain


FrontTelescopic fork; 9.4-in travel
RearSingle shock; 8.7-in travel


FrontHydraulic solitary disc, 220mm
RearDrum, 130mm


Seat Height34.3 in
Wet Weight251 lb
Ground Clearance11.6 inches
Wheelbase54.5 inches
Rake27.0 degrees
Trail4.4 inches 



Other Information:

ModelTT R230
Color OptionsBlue
Warranty90 Day, minimal Factory Warranty

That was all around the 2021 Yamaha TT R230. Hope our post with every details that the 2021 Yamaha TT R230, like Sale, Price, height Speed, Specs, Review, Images, Features, was helpful. Overall,  Yamaha TT R230 is a qualified dual-purpose motorcycle that deserve to be offered in streets and off-road conditions. 

Below we have provided all the images and also review videos the Yamaha TT R230. These details will help you decision if you must buy a dual-sport motorcycle or not. We have also provided some of the most frequently asked questions around the Yamaha TT R230.

Yamaha TT R230 Images






Yamaha TT R230 testimonial Video

Yamaha TT R230 top Speed Video

Frequently asked Questions

Here room the commonly asked questions about Yamaha TT R230

Is the Yamaha TT R230 a an excellent starter motorcycle?

Yes, the TT R230 is a very capable starter bike that have the right to be offered as a dirt road bike and likewise on a consistent street.

Is the Yamaha TT R230 street legal?

Yes, the TT R230 is street-legal together it comes with the revolve indicators, licence bowl holder mirrors, and a speedometer.

What is the fuel volume of the Yamaha TT R230 dual-sport bike?

The TT R230 has actually a fuel capacity of 2.1 gal.

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What is the speech of the Yamaha TT R230?

The approximated horsepower that the TT R230 is 17hp.