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Also recognized As: SmackDown vs. Raw 2009: WWEGenre: Sports, wrestling Developer: THQ Publisher: THQ ESRB Rating: teen Release Date: November 9, 2008

Start with template 1Hair: 3Head Morphing:Head:5, -18, 8ForeHead: -100, 46, 100, 20Eye type: 1 default colorEyelashes: 4 default colorEyebrows: 22 default colorLips: 13: 100, 2, -3Teeth: defaultSkin Tone: 1 color 90, 2, -5Skin aging: 46Face Morphing:Eyebrows: -30, 63, -25, -30Eyes: 1, -24, 21, 100, 98, 20, 8Nose: -16, -50, -37, -8, -44, 42, 13, -15Cheeks: -47, -100, -36, 100Mouth: 24, -66, 9, -73, 20, 20, -14Jaw: 0, 30, 5, 20, -24, 57Ears: 7, -30, 15, -21Facial Hair:Templates: 15 shade 90, -14, 11, 82Mustache: 1 color 90, -7, 11, 82Goatee: 14 color 85, -5, 28, 82Height: 6"4"Body Morphing:Neck: -20, 67, 66Chest: 14, 10, 23Shoulders: -46, 9, -37Abdomen: -52, 27, 14Waist: -1, 18Arms: -5, 6, 5Hands: 5, 5, 5Legs: 0, 11, 37Feet: 5, 10, 5Definition: 5ClothingUpper Body:Arms/Wrists: 15 shade blackLower Body:Underwear: 4 shade blackKnee Pads:6 color blackKnee Pads: 5 color blackBoots/shoes: 1 default colorEntrance Attire:Jacket: 23 default colorLogos: AUSTIN at height of jacketDesign: 118 under the S and the T in austin. Color whiteNumbers: 3;16 under the skullFinalize:Name Steve AustinNickname: rock coldNickname placement: prefixHub Name: AustinAnnouncer Intro: The cobraHometown: houston, TexasWieght Class: 272 LBSCrowd Reaction: GoodShow: legend.

Template 1hair 69 curent colorhead morphing 20, -7, 1eye form 1 color black eye lashes 1 curent color eyebrows 38 blacklips 1 curent color.

Head/Face:Template 1Hair 1-Custom Color:X:82 Y:1-Shade:-1Skin-Skin Aging:25Face morphing-Cheeks-Deepth:-43Facial Hair:Template 1Body:Height:6"7"Clothing:Upper Body-Tops:36-Custom Color:X:-13 Y:-100-Shade:-100Armwear-Hands-Both:6-Custom Color:X:-13 Y:-100-Shade:100Lower Body-Underwear:14-Color:BlackWrestling Tights:1-Costom Color-Shade:-100Belts:1-Custom Color-Shade:-100Wrestling Tights Design-Both:1-Color:Your choiceFootwear-Boots:1-Custom Color:X:-27 Y:-100-Shade:-19Finalize:Name:KrusherNickname:NoneNickname Placement:NoneHud Name:KrusherAnnouncer Introduction:The SoldierHometown:California, Los AngelesWeight:290 LbsCrowd Reaction:GoodShow:Free agent (FA)

While making use of Triple H in any kind of match, litter the enemy in the edge softly. Then utilizing the appropriate joystick, relocate it left. Then once your foe is sit in the corner, move the appropriate joystick up. Your adversary is all tired out and can it is in pinned straight away. If that doesn"t work, shot it again!

To make cool CAS"s, an initial go come CAS mode, then selectCreat a Superstar, and then do his human body a comanationof one of two people red, orange, yellow, gren, blue, or purple.TIP
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Do one ultimate regulate grapple which will be the backbreaker. Be sure to carry out it outside the ring. After the is done go close to the ringpost a move the analog down. Then just walk right into the crowd. But be certain to still have your adversary in the ultimate control grapple. Do not let go until you walk right into the crowd.

while in a enhance with any superstar pressL1,L2,R2,X,CIRCLE,R1 and also all the move yoursuperstar will do will never ever be reversed.Thischeatcode will occupational for the complete match