Music has been a massive component of the wrestling market for almost 40 years. Indigenous WWE teaming up with MTV during the rock n’ rings era come the The Fabulous Freebirds popularising the usage of enntrance gate music in WCCW. In today’s Top Five we take a look in ~ one area whereby licensed music is still widespread, also in WWE; pay every view theme songs.

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5. Bodies – Summerslam 2001

WWE have actually used body by Drowning swimming pool a few times, yet originally it was the theme from Summerslam 2001. I knew the song before WWE making use of it however still in mine head that is synonymous with WWE and specifically this show. The Nu-Metal sound clearly dovetailed fine at the time, but even the lyrics of “let the body hit the floor” chimed really well as this was slap bang in the center of the notorious Invasion angle when plenty of WCW bodies to be literally hitting the floor… and staring in ~ the lights.

4. Harrowsway – Wrestlemania 15

This layout is truly epic and also I’m certain astounded that WWE have actually never supplied it again. I was just getting ago into wrestling once I heard this top top the raw after Wrestlemania 15 during a highlights package. It offered me the impression that ns missed something truly earth shattering. Transforms out i didn’t, yet man this tune made me think ns missed the most significant night of wrestling ever.

3. Classic Wrestlemania Theme

Pure nostalgia, but man this template is great. Electrical guitars and a horn section simply screams epic event, likely hosted in a stadium. The cherry on top of this theme is when we’d listen Vince McMahon destroy his vocal chords by screaming “WRESTLEMNIA!!!” over the height of it.

2. Straightforward Lover – Wrestlemania 1

Is there anything much more 80s 보다 the original Wrestlemania featuring Hulk Hogan, mr T, Cyndi Lauper and the music stylings that Phil Collins?! ns did not understand until ns was an adult that the original theme used for this present was straightforward Lover, yet using the magic the YouTube I’ve to be able to see (and hear) some original footage. Given the danger Vince to be taking v this display I guess: v I’ll pardon him for not licensing this song for future use.

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1. My means – Wrestlemania 17

It’s not often you have the right to say this around a Limp Bizkit song, however in this context it is perfect in every way. The promo package for Austin vs absent is an pure masterpiece. It might not age well because that younger fans, but mixing WWE, Rock, Austin and also Limp Bizkit with each other perfectly explains the year 2001. This song simply works therefore well, and far better yet, WWE offered it prior to it came to be a enormous hit in its own right. This enabled fans to affix memories come it before everyone else did as soon as they heard that on the radio. To many world this is just one that Limp Bizkit’s hits with a goofy video, but if you’re a wrestling pan it has a lot deeper meaning.