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This ROOT-WORD is the Prefix AMPHI which means TWO & BOTH. In this perform you will discover some actual oddities, together No. 16, NO. 13 and also No. 18 sound fairly terrible but they room not, together we ourselves have actually two nostrils and also eat both flesh and vegetable foods. No. 15 and No. 17 space beautiful.AMPHI is not used as a suffix.1. Amphibia : AMPHI bia (am fib’ ee a) n.A class of vertebrates having qualities of both fish and reptiles; as, frogs2. Amphibious : AMPHI bious (am fib’ ee us) adj.Capable of life on both land and also water3. Amphibiology : AMPHI biology (am fib i ol’ o ji) n.That branch of zoology which is concerned with pets that live ~ above both land and water4. Amphibiotic : AMPHI biotic (am fi bie ot’ ik) adj.Living in water in the early on stage, on soil in adult life5. Amphibology : AMPHI bology (am fi bol’ o jee) n.Ambiguity arising from a expression which deserve to have 2 constructions6. Amphibolous : AMPHI bolous (am fib’ o lus) adj.Capable of having two meanings7. Amphicarpic : AMPHI carpic (am fi kar’ pik) adj.Producing two kinds that fruit8. Amphichroic : AMPHI chroic (am fi kro’ ik) adj.Producing tow colors9. Amphicrania : AMPHI crania (am fi kray’ ni a) n.Pain ~ above both sides of the head10. Amphibolia : AMPHI bolia (am fi boe’ li a) n.Disease of high fever through fluctuating temperature
11. Amphibolic : AMPHI bolic (am fi bol’ ik) adj.Uncertain; vital stages in disease12. Amphilogism : AMPHI logism (am fil’ o jiz um) n.Double talk; pass out of speech; equivocation13. Amphirhina : AMPHI rhina (am fi rie’ na) n.Vertebrates with twin nasal chambers14. Amphiscians : AMPHI scians (am fish’ ns ans) n.Inhabitants that the tropics15. Amphitheater : AMPHI theater (am fi thee’ at er) n.Arena theatre in i m sorry the audience sits roughly the stage16. Amphisbaena : AMPHI sbaena (am fis bee’ na) n.Fabled serpent v a head on every end17. Amphora : AMPH ora (am’ for a) n.An ornamental jar through two handles18. Amphivorous : AMPHI vorous (am fiv’ o rus) adj.Eating animal and vegetable foods19. Amphisarca : AMPHI sacra (am fi sar’ ka) n.Fruits that are pulpy within, however have a tough rind outside20. Amphorous : AMPH orous (am’ because that us) adj.Having a hole sound

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Bene,bon & boun are the root-words for many other words.Corpor & corp are the root-words for countless other words.Dorm is the root-word for countless other words.End & endo room the root-words for countless other words.Eu is the root-word for many other words.