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Tomboyish. Scout"s favorite item of garments is she beloved overalls, and she spends virtually every one of her time playing through Jem and also Dill. She has actually no tiny girlfriends, and the just woman she appears to take to is miss Maudie, that is herself kind of an adullt tomboy, spending...

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Tomboyish. Scout"s favourite item of clothes is she beloved overalls, and she spends virtually every one of her time playing with Jem and Dill. She has actually no small girlfriends, and also the just woman she appears to require to is miss out on Maudie, that is herself sort of an adullt tomboy, spending most of the work tending to her garden.

Precocious. Scout is wise beyond her years, and her experiences throughout the course of the novel renders her even wiser and much more mature 보다 most tiny girls her age.

Unladylike. Scout go not prefer the idea of coming to be a lady, in part because she is not impressed with many of the ones she meets. She is an especially disappointed through the ladies of the Missionary Circle, who spend the afternoon gossiping, making insensitive comments about Maycomb"s Negroes, and making funny of her.

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... Ns was much more at residence in my father"s world. There was something around them (men) that ns instinctively liked... Lock weren"t-- "Hypocrites..." (Chapter 24) 

Hot-tempered. Scout is rapid to usage her fists in the at an early stage chapters, besting every the guys she fights--Walter Jr. And Cousin Francis--and knowing that she deserve to handle Cecil Jacobs, despite she finally decides to walk far from the fight v him. She also takes on an adult in former of the jail when she

... Plan to absent his shin, however aimed to high. (Chapter 15)

Intelligent. Though reconnaissance is sometimes lost in the adult civilization of the courtroom, not totally understanding all of the indigenous or testimony the is being given, she is extremely intelligent and the brightest college student in her class (even if the teacher don"t establish it). She is fast to see that the jury has actually convicted Tom even before their decision is announced, and also she also teaches adult a couple of lessons during the course of the novel.