The poem Woman occupational is composed by Maya Angelou and depicts the day-to-day routine that a black color woman in the southern says of America vice versa, the poem overheard In ar Sligo is a poem collection in Ireland created by Gillian Clarke. The poem tells the story of an ireland housewife and her unattainable dreams. Woman job-related asks us to think about the black woman’s plea as we hear of the gruelling program she deals with everyday. This mrs does no have numerous wishes; she just strives for a rest in she day and also dreams of return to she African house country.

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We do not understand if she has ever before been come Africa yet she considers it she home.

The poem asks united state to think around all the points we take because that granted as we all have actually such huge aspirations whilst this woman just yearns for a rest. In contrast to this the poem women occupational tries to make us realise exactly how much females were intended to provide up in the early 19th century to come to be housewives.

lock were intended to give up their dreams and aspirations and also the opportunities of a career for ladies weren’t yes, really there. Together in woman occupational the female character in this city asks us to hear she plea and also listen to every her lost dreams and similar to woman occupational she feels favor a slave in her own home.

Women’s work-related Essay

Woman work has five stanzas together does end heard in county Sligo. The very first in woman work describes her day-to-day routine and the 4 after reflect on her dreams and also aspirations for life.

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In comparison to this stanzas in overheard explore the woman’s situation, dreams and also ambiguity, the lady In woman work does not portray ambiguity whereas the lady in ar Sligo is stated to “live in the lap that the land, in the earlier of beyond”. For some civilization this would be paradise yet for she it is like prison; she craves the bustle the a city. The stanzas in woman work-related are no all the same lengths.

The first stanza is lengthy the rest have a sample of 4 lines each. The first is longer because it reflects upon her day-to-day routine, lengthy with no breaks, whereas her desires are put across in the last 4 stanzas and also they room smaller and also less demanding. This is no the instance for overheard; the stanzas space all continuously 4 lines long. Both poems space written in the an initial person, this really helps us emphasise v the women’s feelings and situations. For each city a the majority of dialect and vocabulary room used aboriginal to the nations these women space living in, Ireland and Southern America.

In end heard that is much more the name of locations in Ireland which allow us understand the city is collection there conversely, in woman job-related there is a lot of of strong southern American language being used. A perfect example of this is the title of the city “woman work. ” To us this phrase is grammatically incorrect. The poet uses the expression ” cane to be cut” this is a direct attach to slavery and helps us believe she is African. Overheard supplies a cyclical result to good use. The phrase “I married a male from county Roscommon” is provided in the beginning of the an initial stanza and also at the end of the critical stanza.

It transforms its tone once it is offered the second time to sound sarcastic ~ above the verge that being cynical whereas in the very first stanza it is supposed to sound quite idyllic. The very first stanza of woman work does not usage punctuation no does overheard. I believe that that is not used purposely in woman work due to the fact that it shows upon her hectic schedule in which she has actually no time for her self. In comparison come this when the mrs is talking around her dreams punctuation is used, as if her desires take she to an additional place in which she deserve to rest, we additionally gather this native the repeated use of words rest.

Overheard likewise uses much more punctuation whilst talking about the woman’s dreams. The key use that imagery is organic or pictures of nature in both poems. The result it has on the women though is the complete opposite of each other. In overheard nature is one indication the the jail this woman feels she is in. She no nature and she strives to acquire away from it, she is pessimistic towards nature and the countryside. It’s nearly as if she blaming nature or taking her anger out on nature for she failed dreams. This is definitely not the case for mrs work.

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Mature is what comforts this woman and in this poem nature is portrayed as one indication of purity and beauty. Nature is used constantly transparent the last four stanzas whilst she is talking about her dreams and also she comments “your all ns can speak to my own” together if nature is her escape and also her only pleasure in life, she loves nature in comparison come the hate the mrs in overheard feels because that it. Woman job-related contrasts the hectic life she leads and the calmness she strives because that whereas overheard contrasts her dreams to her lifestyle.

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