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I have actually a winchester design 94. 30-30 golden spike commemorative execution rifle. This gun is tho in box through all paperwork and spike it has actually never been shot i was wonder what the value of this pistol is

Welcome to TFF. A quick look in one of my publications - which states that the is worth around $650. This thread will most likely be relocated to the proper - What"s it precious - forum.



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In general, those commemorative firearms do not bring huge bucks and also folks who bought them because that an investment have actually been disappointed. Sometimes, castle don"t bring any much more than the exact same standard design in the same condition, and also only seldom will they carry enough to consist of for inflation. I supplied to say the a an excellent mutual money would commonly be a far better investment - ns don"t to speak that any kind of more; through the gun, you at least have actually the miscellaneous tangible, where common funds room down the tubes through nothing to present for the loss.Jim
I perform a find on among my guns and also of course "our place" is the optimal hit. I"m happy to check out these values, especially what Jim K posted. My father prefers this one as his searching rifle. As I cleaned it this day (it killed a hare yesterday), I made decision to examine if by any type of chance we"ve been wasting a yellow mine. Apparently not, thankfully.
Most the the Winchester Commemoratives don"t carry a many value except for sentimental from their owners. Most all if not every one of them were developed on the post "64 iron framed receivers, correct iron and also not steel. The receivers that the write-up "64 firearms were make of stole plated actors iron. Some were plated in other metals to offer a distintive illustration to whatever commemorative the represented. In a restructuring and also cost cutting move almost all of the Winchester product line was revamped/modified in 1964, the model 94 to be no exception.
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