Long before Disney chose to bring a particular famous mermaid come life in its upcoming live-action adaptation that The little Mermaid, a little Australian present has been busy spinning its very own mermaid tale. Mako Mermaids, the spin-off collection of the teen drama staple H2O: Just add Water, offers its mermaids legs — as soon as on floor — yet keeps through the standard mermaid themes of conflicting feelings around being in water vs. On land, v the reportedly so lovable humans. If H2O: Just include Water centers top top three human girls accidentally transforming into mermaids, Mako Mermaids (titled Mako: Island of Secrets in Australia) returns to the mystical Mako Island to turn teenage boy Zac (Chai Hansen) into a merman.

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However, the isn"t for this reason simple: The 3 young mermaids charged v guarding the moon pool from outsiders space then cast out by your pod because that the mistake. They require to land to shot and number out just how to take Zac"s water powers and also fish tail away, therefore they have the right to earn their way back right into their pod. Zac, meanwhile, must resolve the new fact the whenever he gets wet, he reveals his fishy nature.

Well, after four seasons, Zac is fully used to gift a merman. So, what"s next? Here"s every little thing we know around season 5.

There is no news yet regarding whether or not Mako Mermaids will be renewed for a 5th season. In fact, "fifth season" is a bit of a misnomer — the display technically only has actually three seasons, yet Netflix split season 2 into two parts, so the number read differently on Netflix contrasted to various other places. However, nobody of that matters if the collection isn"t renewed for additional episodes.

News on that front has actually been pretty quiet since the critical episodes aired in 2016. Creator Jonathan M. Shiff, who likewise created H2O: Just include Water, tweeted in 2015 that there would certainly be a movie adhering to season 4, yet that film seems to be suspended indefinitely. Shiff, meanwhile, is busy producing The office of wonder Things season 2, which just got a trailer.

If Mako Mermaids gains enough attention top top Netflix, then probably it will come ago with a whole brand-new season.

While the first season concentrated on brand-new merman Zac and also the 3 mermaids, Sirena (Amy Ruffle), Nixie (Ivy Latimer), and also Lyla (Lucy Fry), the actors expanded and adjusted over the seasons. Nixie and Lyla left, if mermaids Mimmi (Allie Bertram) and Ondina (Isabel Durant) ended up being permanent fixtures the the series.

It"s possible Mako Mermaids might get by with a couple of changes come its cast in a potential brand-new season, as characters have come and gone, yet lead Hansen would should come back. Since Mako Mermaids" critical season in 2016, he"s been liven with duties on other series, consisting of Shadowhunters and The new Legends the Monkey.

Alongside Hansen, fans can expect his girlfriend Evie (Gemma Forsyth) and long time friend electronic came (Dominic Deutscher) to return, and also his mermaid sister Mimmi and also her new boyfriend kris (Taylor Glockner). Possibly they would bring in a guest star from H2O: Just add Water, prefer they did near the finish of season 4 through Rikki (The keys She Keeps" Cariba Heine).

Season 4 finished with the revelation the the water dragon threatening them was actually Zac and also Mimmi"s mother, Nerissa (Tasneem Roc), magically cursed into that form. Through her entrance into the series, a fifth season would have actually plenty of product to navigate regarding her connection with her children. Additionally, it only seems herbal that the series would then dive right into the background with their father, and possibly carry him ago too.

Undoubtedly, the writers might explore conflict between Nerissa and also the pod, through an included magical twist to the story. There"s much more story to check out with the mermen, particularly once Zac and also Mimmi learn more from Nerissa. However, as the characters are mermaids in Australia, an exciting angle come take would certainly be a much more environmentally focused storyline. It would absolutely make the series more timely and relevant come the present year.

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For now, pan will need to tell all your friends to clock Mako Mermaids top top Netflix, come let them recognize that civilization want a fifth season.