AMARILLO, TX (KFDA) - according to a brand-new report indigenous Allstate, the number of burst pipes increase by 309 percent during the winter months.

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When water freezes that expands and when this happens in copper or PVC piping, the push on the pipes causes them to crack and burst.

These types of accidents can be exceptionally costly due to the fact that they frequently occur when no one is home.

"The family members leaves for the holidays and also forgets to collection the thermostat, climate a cold spell come in and causes the pipes to burst," Clark Damon, one Allstate Insurance company Owner, said. "The damage can it is in extensive since the water can circulation for hours or days until the neighbor watch the water in the driveway or the homeowner returns."

A relatively new material that piping referred to as PEX is more flexible and can withstand the pressure exerted from broadening freezing water.

Due to it"s flexibility, it additionally requires much less joints i m sorry minimizes the chances of tube bursting.

"You can draw 100 ft. Item of PEX and also not put any kind of joints in it at all," Mike Romero, the home Depot plumbing Department head, said. "Whereas through copper you have to have a share it below and joint there and also you require the an abilities to set those joints."

In addition to its capacity to withstand chillier temperatures, PEX is additionally less expensive than it"s copper and PVC counterparts.

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The major drawbacks to PEX piping is the it can"t be hidden or exposed to direct sunlight.






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