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Ambien, the brand surname for zolpidem, is a prescription sleep aid used to treat insomnia. It come in immediate-release, extended-release and sublingual (under the tongue) formulations.

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Ambien is generally present in the body for less than 24 hours. However, it might be detectable for approximately 72 hrs in part drug tests. Ambien is not on regular basis tested for in blood, urine, saliva or hair tests. Despite it is not commonly tested for, Ambien is a Schedule IV medication follow to the drug Enforcement company (DEA). This classification way that it has actually a recognized medical usage but additionally the potential for addiction and misuse.

Duration of results of Ambien

The immediate-release and extended-release formulations the Ambien begin working about 30–60 minute after taking a dose. The drug continues to work for 6–8 hours. 

The sublingual formulation is designed to be taken if someone wakes up in the center of the night. This formulation lasts for around 5 hours.

Ambien Half-Life

The half-life describes the quantity of time the takes the human body to metabolize fifty percent of a drug. Ambien’s half-life varieties from 1.5–4.5 hours and averages 2.5 hrs for many people. Every formulations of Ambien have actually a comparable half-life.

For example, if someone takes 10 mg of Ambien at 8:00 p.m., the lot left in their blood in time is:

10:30 p.m. — 5 mg1:00 a.m. — 2.5 mg3:30 a.m. — 1.25 mg6:00 a.m. — 0.75 mg8:30 a.m. — 0.38 mg

Ambien has been greatly metabolized native the body in about five half-lives, or 12.5 hours. However, the half-life have the right to be much much longer for certain people. Some civilization take over 24 hours to metabolize the medicine completely, i m sorry contributes come stories around Ambien leading to “hangovers” the following morning.

How lengthy Will Ambien present in drug Test?

Drug tests execute not consistently look because that Ambien, regardless of its potential because that misuse. In some cases, however, certain tests may have the ability to detect the drug or that metabolites.


Ambien is no detectable in conventional urine medicine tests, however its metabolites may have the ability to be detected. A examine from 2007 tested just how long Ambien is detectable in urine, and a metabolite was detectable 72 hours after critical use. However, there have actually been no commercially available tests occurred since then.


Ambien is detectable in the blood because that 8–24 hours and also is present in the blood for around five half-lives. The size of each half-life different based on an individual characteristics and also factors. In spite of being existing in the blood, Ambien is still not detectable on standard drug tests.


In theory, Ambien is detectable in hair because that 90 days. Hair exam are various than various other drug tests since drugs end up being “locked” right into the hair. Hair grows at a steady price of 0.5 cm every month, and also most test will check out the last 90 work by taking 1.5 centimeter of hair. However, Ambien is not part of the typical panel experiment in hair.

Factors Affecting just how Long Ambien continues to be in your System

Ambien has plenty of factors that affect how long it stays in the system:

Age: Older adults can expect Ambien to stay in the blood for 30% longer. Management of Ambien slow down through age.Amount used: higher doses that Ambien will stay in the body for longer.Frequency that use: Ambien is frequently taken as soon as daily, therefore frequency will certainly not pat a large role in exactly how long it continues to be in the body. Chronic usage of Ambien may make the detectable because that a couple of hours much longer than short-lived use.Overall health: world with kidney or liver problems can mean to have Ambien in their device for longer because both organs are used to metabolize the drug.Sex: The preferably dose because that females is 5 mg, when the best dose for males is 10 mg. Females metabolize Ambien around 45% an ext slowly.

How Ambien Is broken Down in the Body

Ambien is broken down right into inactive metabolites through the liver and then excreted with the kidneys right into the urine. The only method to eliminate Ambien native the system is time. No cheat or technique can remove it from the body much more quickly than normal.

Key Points: exactly how Long walk Ambien remain in your System?

Some vital pieces of information around Ambien drug tests include:

Ambien is not frequently tested because that in the blood, urine, saliva or hairAmbien has the potential for addiction and also misuseThe components that most influence metabolism are age, sheep amount and sexAmbien is removed from the body by the liver and kidneys

Ambien is not detectable in most drug tests, yet it still can be misused. If friend or someone you recognize is addicted to Ambien, The Recovery town Ridgefield is below to help. Contact us today to speak v an addiction professional and also learn much more about therapy options.

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