Ok. I have actually a unused desktop and i desire to dissect that to placed fresher components in it (it right now runs Pentium 4). Do i really need an anti-static strap/mat? Why?

PS: that untouched due to the fact that 2007/2008

Thanks in advance

yes you do need esd strap and mat, the takes virtually 3000 volts of static to feel the shock and also it just takes 100 volts of static to fry the electrical components inside the laptop. Constantly use esd strap and mat when working with computers, ALWAYS

I"ve had actually too many components "dead ~ above arrival" the i had to forfeit since i didn"t usage an anti-static strap... That"s the many incredible perspective to not follow finest practice standards "because I recognize better" than not to know basics the electronics and also electricity. Awesome...

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Since there room conflicting answers here, permit me shot to clarify:

It is not vitally important to either her safety, or the security of your computer"s electrical contents that you usage an anti-static strap / mat. That being said, that does no hurt noþeles at all to be using one, and it will certainly definitely help to for sure that every little thing you"re law is safer.

Anecdotally (take this v a serial of salt): I have been casually doing computer system repairs on and also off for more than a decade, and also have never ever used an anti-static strap / mat myself. I have actually never shorted out any of the materials I was working on, yet I"ve definitely been acquisition some dangers by not utilizing a wrist strap.

Like Tracey said, if you take it other important precautions, friend can obtain away there is no it. It"s more a inquiry of exactly how comfortable you room with making certain you"re always holding onto a grounded chassis, and how i was sure you room that friend won"t coincidentally zap something. If you carry out zap something, you"ll absolutely be sorry you weren"t more careful - that"s just a danger I"ve to be willing come take.

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For reference, barisalcity.org does market a nice low-cost and also effective Anti-Static Wrist Strap.