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The Redenbacher label can have a call number on it girlfriend can speak to to say how poor it was for you, they might want you to provide them part batch information from the package. Or due to the fact that it"s a ConAgra product, friend might try their site: service providers will send coupons to replace a stale or damaged food so the you deserve to taste it as fresh together it should be.

Mine certain doesn"t taste stale. The doesn"t taste favor microwave popcorn, for sure. I think it tastes favor popcorn, rather of chemically/fake oily, etc.
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* must be the popcorn, then. This ingredient is really stale, and also not crunchy in ~ all.I simply checked and also the bottle states "use through Aug 8 2010", therefore it have to be fresh, right?
Happy Homesteading Homeschooling Homebirthing Beekeeping Dready (& a bit ******* even) Mama to 4 fab children : dd (23), dd (13), ds (11), dd (5)
every time ns make air popped popcorn the is chewy too, no matter teh kernels ns use. Once I pop in oil top top the stove, fresh popcorn every time.
That same brand to be stale here. We only tried it when (one totality jar!)I don"t understand if the was simply the jar or what, but we no longer buy it.
It shouldn"t taste stale, yet it is different than corn popped in oil. (Which i prefer, however it always burns the pot.)I add olive oil and salt after popping in the wait popper, which go help.
I provided to always buy this brand until freshly when we went with 2 jars that had actually the very same taste as you room describing and no this is not regular air popped taste in mine opinion and also I made air popped popcorn ALOT
I have actually now switched come the an ext generic brand and also it seems to be better. Waiting popped popcorn have to taste yummy and also crunchy ns think.
Ever usage brewer"s yeast and/or SPIKE on her popcorn? Mix it with melted butter and it tastes favor cheese popcorn and gives the a bit much more nutritional value.
I think wait popped popcorn tastes stale. If you desire to examine your popcorn for freshness, you can pop some on the stove. . .you can just not prefer air popped.(we eat a lot of popcorn in our house, ours favs are: popcorn cooked in coconut oil then melted butter, cinnamon, street or melted butter, celtic sea salt, and also nutritional yeast---yummy!)
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Yes but...the ax taste is one thing, yet the consistency in your mouth is another.Air popped popcorn takes out moisture and also is constantly chewy in consistency - precisely like stale popcorn. So it doesn"t really "taste" stale, but chews like it.Which is why nobody likes those things. Too negative - the popcorn "looks" great! It"s easy. No oil.But that damn chewy taste. Dealbreaker.