Uggs may have actually made a fashion splash in the 2000s but they"ve been roughly for much longer than that, an especially if you think about that the boots may have actually been created by shepherds who retained themselves heat by tying sheepskin around their feet (via New Idea). By the 1900s, the makeshift sheepskin foot covers had been turned into ideal boots and also were gift worn by sheep shearers and also fighter pilots. In the early on 1970s, Australian surfers establish they can go from cold to comfy by pulling the boots on after ~ they come off the water.

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The sheepskin boots do the journey to the United claims in 1978, as soon as two Aussies take it the boots and marketed them to their California counterparts, offering them under the "Ugg" trademark. The sheepskin boots can have make their worldwide debut throughout the 1994 Olympics as soon as Team USA wore Ugg boots, however they became really huge in 2000, once Oprah dubbed the U.S.-marketed Ugg boot among her "Favorite Things" and bought 350 pairs for her studio audience, i m sorry pretty lot sealed Ugg"s future together a must-have (via Footwear News).

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Because the the method they look, some world assume that "ugg" is short for ugh (as in yuck), or ugly. Brian Smith, the Australian surfer who brought the top Australian sheepskin boots to the U.S., isn"t certain of wherein the name came from himself.

"No one knows whereby the Ugg name came from!" blacksmith tells Footwear News. "I have heard there are a few old guys in Australia who insurance claim to have invented the name, yet nobody deserve to prove it. My best understanding is that the very first uses that Ugg (spelled in plenty of ways — Ug, Ugg, Ugh) taken place as far earlier as 1950, with the ax eventually coming to be descriptive of any type of sheepskin footwear in both Australia and brand-new Zealand." 

In any kind of case, blacksmith trademarked the "ugg" name when he started his company, and which he ultimately sold come Deckers in the 1980s (via ABC).


American Ugg boot manufacturers usage only the treated skins or hides of lamb which have been raised for food to make its shoes (via Ugg). Even though the shoes room made in China and Southeast Asia (via Your next Shoes), the U.S. Firm says it functions with suppliers that satisfy their requirements of honest sourcing; it also requires them come treat all pets humanely so the instances of pet abuse have the right to be avoided. Ugg additionally says it only sources sheepskin domestically in the U.S., and from Australia, Ireland, the joined Kingdom, and Spain, every one of which have actually rules that govern the therapy of animals.

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What"s in a name? Plenty, states California-based footwear company Deckers, who now makes Uggs, and also different Australian bootmakers who make the sheepskin boots agree (via BBC). 

"Ugg is just the surname for the boots, and we"ve offered them for nearly a century. Currently a U.S. Giant has brand the name and wants to prevent us," says Eddie Oygur, an Australian bootmaker. Yet Deckers, which provides American Uggs, registered the name together a trademark in 1999, and will fight any type of firm that sells Australian-made uggs in markets outside Australia. 

U.S. Courts have so much stood top top Decker"s side, however Australian courts have actually gone the opposite way. They have ruled the "ugg" is a generic surname for sheepskin boots through fleece linings, and the surname cannot be supplied by just one company in Australia.

Because Uggs to be so popular, it to be perhaps inescapable that they attracted the fist of animal rights groups like PETA, that accused manufacturers of torturing sheep to make the boots. The accusations drew responses and blog write-ups from lamb farmers who stated that their pets could not be sold as food if they are sick or injured, and that wool can not be marketed if it to be bloody or damaged. 

Iowa-based Ag Daily blogger Michelle "Farm Babe" fearbut says, "It simply so wake up that when the lamb is sacrificed, it offers us numerous assets that we can use every day. We need to treat animals like kings and also queens for all they can do for us. Farmers understand this and also their treatment is constantly a height priority on any farm."