Thousands of species

There are more than 25,000 recorded orchid types throughout the world, v hundreds more being discovered each year. This means the variety of orchid varieties on the planet is 4 times the number of birds and also four times the variety of mammals!

Orchids have the right to be found throughout the world, and also can endure in various kind that habitats. Most species live in tropic rainforests, yet they can likewise be found close to the Arctic Circle.

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Seeds choose dust

There have the right to be up to 3 million seed in a solitary orchid seedpod. You’ll never ever see them though, they space the size of a speck the dust and are just visible under a microscope. Part of the factor for their small size is that they lack an endosperm to administer the nutrients necessary to germinate. This way they have the right to only germinate and also grow once they come into call with the right kind the fungus.

Good sufficient to eat

Probably the finest known form of orchid is Vanilla planifolia, the renowned vanilla food flavouring is extracted from that is pods. The vanilla planifolia is the just commercially get an impressive orchid crop.

Vanda or Vanda Orchid is a very prized orchid valued because that its large, fragrant, and long lasting flowers that come in many rich and vibrant colours, consisting of blue, red, pink and yellow. Lock require little to no soil, as their roots take it nutrients and also moisture form the air and also their flowers thrive to it is in up to four inches in diameter. They come from Australasia and also the Pacific Islands.
Bulbophyllum is the biggest genus in the orchid family members Orchidaceae. Thought to have actually originated in Papua new Guinea, this genus is famous worldwide. With much more than 2,000 species, the is additionally one that the biggest genera of flower plants, exceeded just by Astragalus. The flowers can be really large, and many the them have actually pungent fragrant that range from rotting carcasses to dung, and this is as result of the fact that they attract flies to pollinate them.
Slipper Orchids unusually shaped petals can look choose pitchers or slippers together their surname suggests. Slipper orchids is the name that covers two huge genus of orchids Phragmidedium and Pathiopedilum. 99% of oriental slipper orchids are threatened through extinction in the wild.

Quick facts

Scientific nameOrchidaceaeNative toAround the worldRainforest layerVaries depending on species
SizeVaries from a few milimetres to a few metresPlant familyOrchidaceaeIUCN preservation statusVaries because that different types – discover more


Many varieties of orchid room disapearing or threatened with extinction. For example 99% of asian slipper orchids are threatened. The causes include habitat fragmentation and destruction, deforestation and illegal logging. Secondary huge worry is that world are collecting these species from the wild for regional and global trade – and also although this trade is illegal the rule are regularly not enforced.

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