My little one scared the life outta me last night. I was feeding she last night, she was 2 oz in when all of the sudden she threw up through her mouth and also nose. She additionally looked like she had difficulty breathing for a 2nd or two. Later on she was ago to her typical self and wanted to keep eating. Ns felt for this reason useless and hated the that taken place I her.

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I looked online and also it seems favor it would certainly be reflux yet I will certainly be talking to her pediatrician Tuesday. Just wondering if anyone rather came across anything similar. How can I prevent this native happening again? Why did the happen?

My child does this quite regularly, but it’s gotten far better as he it s okay older. It is reflux, which mine pedi states all babies have since the flap (can’t remember medical term) the seals the stomach native the throat isn’t fully formed and also it comes open too often causing food come come earlier up.

We always feed at an angle, leave him upright because that 30 minutes after eating, and his bed is inclined too to assist keep points down. We are trying every non medicine ways to manage it, since he will probably grow out of it soon

Same v my infant he’s constantly had reflex and also we’ve changed his formula 3 times and also my breast-feeding diet. We constantly have the reclined when he’s sleeping. Ns don’t know if you’re offering him formula however the formula the my boy was throwing increase a lot to be Similac pro advance.

what formula worked for your tiny guy? mine has actually started throwing up recently and also we"ve been making use of similac pro advancement as well

This taken place to my tiny one as soon as she was a few weeks old, ns cried and also my husband and I to be googling if it to be normal! an extremely normal, burp more often, traction it ago let lock breathe, edge it. That pretty scary when it wake up

If it"s only occurred the one time, it may not be reflux. She might have consumed too easily or gotten a tiny gas bubble. Mine has done this a couple of times, and my ped stated it"s perfectly normal. Simply make sure to suction out their nose as soon as it happens to acquire out the milk. Otherwise, uneven it"s happening relatively frequently castle don"t problem too much.

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My LO was doing this choose 3x a day and also I to be freaking out reason it looked favor so lot came out of her. It would soak the next of mine shorts and also make a tiny puddle ~ above the chair. My pediatrician stated a small looks choose a lot much more to us and also as long as she is acquiring weight she is fine. She also suggested I reduced out beef (I dont eat dairy however thats a large one to reduced out if friend do) and to store her up 39 nin after feeding, feeding at and incline (you deserve to look increase nursing positions because that a fast let down those ones assist for both that and also reflux) and she sleeps in ~ a slim incline. That has acquired much better, only when a day and also sometimes no at all. Ns think she is start to flourish out the it but I still acquire so upset once it happens and also feel so useless and worry miscellaneous is wrong yet she doesnt also cry when it happens she just goes back to she snack.