The death of Joab and also the ascede of Solomon

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This record was review on 17th July 1990 in ~ the Summer meeting of the society for Old Testament research studies at King"s College, the college of Aberdeen. I am grateful to the Society, both for the invitation to review the paper and for the kindness v which it was received, and regret that I have actually not uncovered time to make any kind of but the many minor revisions.

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The document attempts a literary reading of the account the Joab"s death, paying due fist to the coming before narratives about David in i m sorry Joab theatre a part In four narratives, Joab is associated in a killing (of Abner, Uriah, Absalom and also Amasa) i beg your pardon is ultimately beneficial to David, although that may occur without his knowledge or against his to express command. In general, David ranges himself native those violent deaths from which he benefits, whether by having the killer executed (2 Sam 1,19–27; 3,31–38; 18,33–19,4).

The King"s assassin and also his faithful general, these narratives indicate that Joab must die, not since his death of Abner and also Amasa has lugged blood‐guilt ~ above David, but due to the fact that having supported for the succession, his loyalty was no transferable come Solomon.

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