leg To Terabithia's Tragic fatality Explained leg To Terabithia’s fatality is up there with Mufasa’s in The Lion King in regards to tears jerked. This is a recap that its heartbreaking death.

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Bridge come Terabithia
there’s a reason why Bridge to Terabithia is frequently ranked among cinema’s saddest movies – here’s the film’s heartbreaking death explained. For those who haven’t had the emotionally scarring endure of the town hall Bridge to Terabithia, that a coming-of-age fantasy film released in 2007 and directed by Rugrats co-creator Gábor Csupó. The movie is based on the children’s publication of the very same name released in 1977 through writer Katherine Paterson, whose screenwriter boy David Paterson co-wrote Bridge to Terabithia’s screenplay.

Katherine Peterson’s publication has been widely taught in schools due to the fact that its publication however according come the American Library Association, it’s also one the the most challenged books in curriculum many thanks in component to its disastrous death, which the Bridge to Terabithia movie adaptation stays faithful to. The movie stars mockery Hutcherson (The Hunger Games) together a lonely 12-year-old that is bullied through his schoolmates. He finds a friend in tomboyish new student and fellow lonely soul Leslie (The Act) as soon as she move in following door come him.

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While the pair are exploring the woods one day, they usage a rope waver to cross a creek whereby they discover an abandoned treehouse. There, Jess and Leslie conjure increase the titular Terabithia – a fantasy people populated by weird and also wonderful creatures that the friends regularly retreat into to to escape their everyday lives and also troubles. The 2 soon end up being firm friends tied by the shared human being they’ve created together however tragedy strikes in the direction of the finish of Bridge to Terabithia.

Bridge come Terabithia
One Saturday, Jess goes on an impromptu field trip v his music teacher and also crush Ms. Edmunds (Zooey Deschanel) come an art museum there is no inviting Leslie along. That comes home to find out the Leslie has actually drowned after your rope swing damaged while she to be trying to cross the rain-swollen creek to get to Terabithia. Interestingly, the Bridge come Terabithia fatality happens off-screen but it’s every the an ext impactful and surprising because that it. No to mention the reality that evil Jess’s grief and also guilt at no being there because that his friend is utterly heartbreaking.

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What renders Leslie’s death even an ext devastating is the it’s based upon a real-life tragedy. Katherine Paterson penned the book on which the based ~ her kid David"s childhood best friend passed away after being struck through lightning when they were simply eight year old. As tragic together Bridge to Terabithia’s death is, both the book and also film have been quote as advantageous tools in help children deal with death and also grief.