Man ns remember when pitch black vs baja blast, currently look at every these civilization scrambling to get situations of baja blast.

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I scrambled to uncover it in like 2011 when it come back. I captured it near the end of it's life the first time it came out in prefer 04?. Pitch black color 2 to be okay. Yet not together good.

I'm quiet in love through pitch black. Drink at least one deserve to every day. So happy it come back.

I never ever really observed anyone scramble to gain pitch black as soon as it come out in 2016. Too many of civilization I understand didn't also know it was out until I told castle it winner dewcision and is staying

Never forget that Baja Blast was winning Dewcision till they had to "tally the results" over many days.

I love baja and also didn't like pitch black, however that's a poor argument. If baja won that and also was long-term we wouldn't be seeing this posts about baja, we would certainly be seeing whatever brand-new flavor would be releasing

I'm pretty sure the dewcision was rigged. I cannot think there are an ext people who like Pitch Black. If it wasn't rigged, then mountain Dew fans have to be dumb together hell. Some world reasoned, "but Baja will come back every year," and then it take it 2 long and painful years for it to come back.

It is permanently accessible (and I uncover it disgusting, therefore I must be dumb together hell), in ~ Taco Bell right along. Currently it has actually made Pitch black (a permanent flavor, i beg your pardon beat the fair and also square) vanish in mine area through this crap acquisition over!

Meh, i LOVE key black, and also in mine opinion(its fine if you prefer Baja more) ns think its better than Baja. It is rarely to obtain a an excellent Baja at taco bell, but prior to pitch black came back.. Friend couldn't obtain it anywhere, Baja to be still available.. Now I execute think, Baja have to be offered in 16oz can be ~ at taco bell permanently(or change all the Kickstarts v old missed Dew consisting of Baja)

then it take it 2 long and painful years for it to come back.

Are girlfriend dumb? Anyone can just go to a Taco Bell because that Baja Blast, and it had actually been eight years due to the fact that Pitch black color was ~ above shelves.

I’ll never understand that outcome. I love Baja, not really any type of other soda prefer it out there. And yes “Taco bell” and it’s to be seasonal recently.

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So as soon as Pitch Black come out as the winner ns was prefer “damn, i gotta try this”

It’s just grape soda. Ns don’t also think i finished the bottle. What a disappointment.


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