What are the an initial and critical lines spoken in every of the Star battles movies?

The empire Strikes Back
Luke starts the greatest sequel of all time once he says to Han Solo over his radio:"Echo three to Echo Seven. Han, old buddy, carry out you read me?"Skywalker additionally closes the end Empire"s last line as soon as he cries " Ow!" as the clinical droid test his new mechanical eight (replacing the arm Vader chopped off).

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Return that the Jedi

Jedi begins with the shuttle captain saying over the radio:"Command station, this is ST321, password clearance blue. We"re beginning our approach; deactivate the security shield"This is fairly clever together it makes recommendations to clearance codes which become a plot allude later on.-Leia has the last line of the movie once she responds come Han Solo once he provides to action aside for this reason Luke can gain all up and also cosy with her instead:"Oh. No, it"s not favor that at all. He"s my brother."

Rogue One

Jyn notices the ship about to land and runs to her parents calling "Mama!".Like TFA, Leia it s okay to speak the last, and her just line:"What Is it They"ve sent out Us? Hope."
This means Leia has actually said the last line of 3 Star battles movies!Want more? inspect out the introductiontext that every Star wars title crawland that of The force Awakens.

The critical Jedi

Resistance Evacuation Officer come Connix (played by billy Lourd, Carrie"s daughter) "We"re not clear yet. There space still 30 pallets the cannon shells in C bunker."Connix: Forget the munitions, there"s no time. Just get everyone on the transports.
The last line again goes to Carrie Fisher"s Leia when she answers Rey"s question around rebuilding the Rebellion through "We have everything we need".

The very first line the the movie was: "C"mon, C"mon" as uttered through the young Han Solo as he attempts come steal a speeder.

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Rey has the last line and it"s a classic: "Rey, Rey Skywalker". As she says this, she presume the Skywalker mantle. While numerous fans were unhappy about this, this writer feels it salvaged a tricky endgame the sequels found themselves in.