Brad Mossman has been writing and also recording initial music professionally for over 25 years. A graduate of Oberlin college in Oberlin, Ohio, Brad has actually composed, sung and also performed (bass, guitar, ukulele, keyboards, percussion and also didgeridoo!!!) for original bands, animation, film and also games.

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His catchy, upbeat, melody-stuck-in-the-head, foot-tapping songwriting style has included fun and excitement come a wide variety of cinematic, television and online projects.

With Cartoon Network, Wildbrain, MondoMedia and also Spazzco, the very first animated tasks Brad operated on were virtual shorts, because that which he detailed the template songs and scores because that over 15 different series. He additionally did voice talent job-related for some of the characters in this shorts.

Continuing work with Cartoon Network for a variety of years, Brad has composed opening template music and scores for over 30 online, 2D games and also providing the scores for several of their television self-promotional spots.

The opportunity to create for TV computer animation arrived once Brad was invite to compose songs because that the Disney Channel hit "Higglytown Heroes". Brad added over 40 initial songs come the series" 3 seasons. Together with the happy music the pens and performs, his witty and rhyming lyrics, sung by the kid"s voice talent, joyously journey the images during the episode"s tune sequence.

Currently, Brad has paired with an imaginative director Bob Boyle ~ above the Nick Jr. Hit, Emmy to win series, "Wow! Wow! Wubbzy!" interpreting Bob"s lyrics to craft pleasingly wild and also energetic pop/rock songs. The result has been a wonderful collection of lively animated "music videos" in ~ the finish of each illustration all performed and also sung by Brad! He also sings the contagious "Wow! Wow! Wubbzy!" opened theme song which he and Bob composed together. To date, they have composed over 60 song together.

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Brad has actually composed for and created (directed & co-directed) accompanying animations for 12 songs because that 6 periods of Sesame Street (domestic, international and also Sesame Street English)!

For alcohol Studios in Japan, and Grape seed / Meysen English Solution, Brad composed a variety of songs that are paired with exciting, mixed, live activity and animated sequences i beg your pardon teach English together a 2nd language for use by schools and families internationally.

Brad"s appreciation for the pop/rock tape ensemble fused through electronic, synthesized bleeps, blorps and also thumps allows him to put forth songs and also sounds that youngsters of all ages will be delighted to jump roughly to if they reap watching their favorite animated personalities do the same!

Client ListDisneySesame Street (PBS)Cartoon NetworkNick Jr.Starz!Film RomanViacom (NBC Television: "Ed")NissanWildbrain AnimationMondomedia (3D)Wine Studios (Japan)Shiny PearManifold FilmsHazelwood ProductionsSpunky ProductionsCoriolis Pictures