In 2005, Canadian singer Daniel Powter became an international star many thanks to his massive hit single 'Bad Day'.

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Daniel rode the singer-songwriter tide of the mid-noughties alongside the likes that James Blunt and also James Morrison, scoring a UK number two and US number one through the catchy pop anthem.

However, the song showed to it is in his one huge hit. So, what taken place to Daniel because then?

Who is Daniel Powter?

Daniel Powter is a Canadian singer whose best success was the 2005 single 'Bad Day'.

Born in February 1971, he celebrated his 48th birthday in 2019.

'Bad Day' was very first recorded in 2002, but he was unable to obtain a document label to relax it. In so late 2004, that was supplied in a French Coca-Cola advert, and also he was shortly signed by an American label.

Released in beforehand 2005, it ended up being an international success, and also sold over 3 million copies in the united state alone. The was assisted by coming to be American Idol's elimination song for some time.

What to be his last album?

In 2018, Daniel unveiled several brand-new tracks, which at some point landed top top the album Giants.

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The album featured new songs and re-recordings the 'Bad Day' and also 'Free Loop'.






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