It"s by much British band UB40"s many popular and well recognized song: "Red Red Wine." The tune was originally released through the reggae action on respectable 8, 1983, together the lead solitary from your breakthrough album, Labour that Love, which adhered to in September of the same year. It"s a song that take it a long and winding roadway to #1 on the hot 100. Let"s affix the dots with 5 fun facts.

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1.UB40 didn"t realize they were spanning Neil Diamond when they taped "Red Red Wine" "Even when we experienced the creating credit which said "N Diamond," we assumed it was a Jamaican artist referred to as Negus Diamond," said Astro, the group"s previous vocalist and also trumpet player, come the Daily News. The song was a struggle in the band"s aboriginal UK, soaring come #1 on the singles charts.

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2. "Red Red Wine" barely do a ripple in America when an initial releasedWhile the tune delighted in spins mainly on college and underground radio, UB40"s take on "Red Red Wine" had the ability to crack the top 40 in America, climbing together high as #34 in in march 1984.

3. UB40"s performance at Nelson Mandela"s 70th birthday party gave the song new life in summer 1988Mandela"s 70th date of birth bash was a huge star-studded concert in ~ London"s Wembley Stadium. The politically-charged event featured UB40, that played "Red Red Wine." The performance brought a renewed interest in the track around the world.

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4. A radio programmer in Arizona revitalized "Red Red Wine" in AmericaInspired by UB40"s performance at Nelson Mandela"s birthday party, male Zapoleon the Phoenix, Arizona radio station KZZP included the complete version of "Red Red Wine," finish with Astro"s laboratory intro, to the station"s playlist in June 1988. Once it topped KZZP"s local charts, the band"s label took notice. Interesting way enough, the tape was ready to release work of Love II when the label asked them to press it back while lock relaunched "Red Red Wine" in America. The whirlwind promotion sent the song soaring come the #1 clues on the hot 100 for the main of October 15, 1988. It was replaced on the following week"s chart by Phil Collins" "A Groovy kind of Love."

5. Neil Diamond is a huge fan that UB40"s variation of his songIt was throughout a Reddit AMA once Diamond revealed his love for the reggae version: "Still my favourite covers are UB40"s variation of "Red Red Wine" and also Frank Sinatra"s version of "Sweet Caroline." best up there with them I"d put Urge Overkill doing "Girl, You"ll it is in a woman Soon" in the movie Pulp Fiction."



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The collection has remasters of the seminal 1983 album alongside unreleased recordings from composing sessions.