After two decades of life in Los Angeles and also touring around the world, Tommy and also Jeanne demonstrate were prepared to go back to their southerly roots. Because that years, the couple—he grew up in Montgomery, Alabama, and also she in Clarksville—had been checking on genuine estate in the Nashville area, wait for the best time and place. In 2011, Tommy, the guitarist and singer because that Styx, tape-recorded his an initial solo bluegrass album here and fell in love v the city’s energy. Two years later, the Shaws offered their L.A. Compound and bought a home in Oak Hill.

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Tucked turn off the road, the 11,000-square-foot residential or commercial property sits top top a four-and-a-half-acre lot of that consists of a pond, pool, and also garden, offering just the type of tranquil setup the pair was yearn in comparison to your jet-set way of life (Tommy performed much more than 100 reflects last year). In ~ first, they were overwhelmed by the size. Jeanne says she didn’t also want come look at it, yet after the town hall 50 houses, she made decision to provide it a chance. They loved the vibe of the home, which when belonged to disco legend Donna Summer. Even though it necessary a complete overhaul, the Shaws payment homage come Summer by keeping certain design aspects on display.

Jeanne, who oversees Styx merchandise and helps with Rock to the Rescue, a nonprofit established by Styx and also REO Speedwagon and also run by Tommy’s daughter, Hannah, has actually renovated 18 houses in your 21 years together, ranging from a mobile home on the coast to multimillion dollar estates. The result of her many recent job is a arsenal of distinct rooms that flow easily and are constantly put to use.

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Written By: Suzanne Corey

Photos By: Shannon Fontaine


43 years ago today, Styx released their eighth studio album, Pieces of Eight, on September 1, 1978.

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In a exclusive, bandmembers Tommy Shaw, James “JY” Young, and also Will Evankovich share their insights about the album"s songs and their enduring legacy, along with extr exclusive comments from Hipgnosis creative director Audrey  “Po” Powell around designing the album"s distinctive cover artwork, guitar guru Steve Lukather ~ above his favourite Po8 song, and also Pittsburgh Steelers legends Kevin Greene and also Jerome “The Bus“ Bettis on the impact “Renegade“ continues to have actually on Steelers Nation. Five Mama!!