Legendary Pokémon space legendary because that a reason, but there room plenty of non-legendary Pokémon that are just as amazing!

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as Pokémon fans know, balancing is all but an impossibility in this series. It’s no a team shooter with a roster of twenty or so characters, after every (and they can be utter nightmares come balance at the ideal of times). There room hundreds and also hundreds that Pokémon, and no means at all of making them every competitively viable.

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compete players have actually a method of gravitating in the direction of the best of the best, leaving the vast majority of Pokémon far behind. After all, to it is in the really best (like no-one ever before was), you"ve gained to use the an extremely best. There are some contenders that will always be famous picks whenever they’re allowed in a format.

A lot of the time, this will have tendency to be legendary Pokémon, but more often than not, those won"t it is in eligible in vain play. So-called "Ubers" choose Rayquaza, Groudon and Kyogre are only permitted in specific formats, meaning that players need to opt for the finest standard Pokémon instead. Which ones room those? Well, we"re around to uncover out. Let’s take a watch at several of the biggest (non-Legendary) Pokémon in the series, and the wide range of characteristics that renders each of them therefore good.

Updated February 10th, 2020: With so many incredible shiny Pokémon the end there, it was difficult to resist adding even more.


Where much better to kick turn off this list than with Gengar, the OG Ghost-type (the only one ago in the day, in fact) that has actually been well-known for generations as a top-notch unique sweeper?

This Ghost/Poison Pokémon hits hard and fast, and additionally boasts a Mega Evolution and a Gigantamax form. The a substantial fan favourite that likewise has tricks like Destiny Bond and also Perish song up that sleeve. However, it’s really endured from the lose of its Levitate capability and countless Pokémon have been added since the heyday that outspeed it, which is why it’s in very first (last) ar on ours list.

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Unlike many of the Pokémon ~ above this list, Blissey isn’t specifically powerful in the standard sense. An ext in the shrugging off hits choose Arnold Shwarzenegger in the Terminator movies sense. This Pokemon looks relatively harmless, however it’s actually the bane of most special attackers’ existence.

v its titanic HP and excellent one-of-a-kind Defense, Blissey have the right to take a heck of a beating from unique sweepers, happily healing turn off the damages with Soft-Boiled. As a Normal-type, it’s only weak versus Fighting, a inputting that really rarely provides special assaults in the first place. Eviolite Chansey is just as lot of a ache to transaction with, and also if that starts throwing out Minimize… well, you’re going to have a terrible time trying to take it this defensive behemoth out. Its physical frailty and lack of damage out in response lets it down, though.