Last year, Gigi Hadid large partnership with Maybelline, took the beauty people by storm. Well, the pharmacy makeup brand has just signed another major model onto its roster — Josephine Skriver.

The Danish version shared the news on her Instagram, speak "I’ve been keeping a mystery that ns able to finally share v the world... Today, I deserve to officially say that i am the newest member of the Maybelline family! ns am so thankful to the team in ~ Maybelline because that this huge honor and also cannot wait to travel the civilization discovering beauty trends and meeting all of the amazing people who #MakeItHappen."

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The drugstore makeup brand likewise took to its Instagram to announce the partnership, saying, "We're for this reason excited come welcome she to the family." Josephine additionally took end Maybelline's Instagram story for a Q&A, whereby she revealed the her signature assembly look room "defined brows and a bronze smoky eye," while the beauty trend she's most excited around is "glowing, dewy skin." and the finest beauty advice she's ever received? "Stay hydrated!"

Josephine was called a Victoria's secret Angel ago in 2016, but has walked the VS runway because 2013. At simply 25 years old, Josephine's to be on the catwalk because that a number of fashion brands including Balmain and Fendi, yet her Maybelline contract marks her an initial time fronting a significant beauty campaign.

Outside from her work-related as a model, Josephine is an energetic LGBTQ activist, having grown up v gay parents in Denmark. She's repeatedly been a vocal supporter for equal rights, speak in an interview v i-D the she really hopes "that one day the concept of 'family' will typical a lot more than the classic straight couple, through two kids and also a house with a white picket fence. Because that me, family is a team of human being bound by love! Love is what provides a family!"

We can't wait to view what Josephine has up she sleeve with Maybelline. Hopefully, it won't be too long before their an initial collab collection — maybe featuring a brow pencil the gets united state a step closer come Jo's enviable arches?

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