Freak the Mighty personalities The main characters in Freak the Mighty space Max Kane, Kevin Avery, Kenny Kane, and also Loretta Lee.

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Max Kane is a troubled son who experienced his mother"s murder. Max befriends the physically disabled Kevin, creating one half of "Freak the Mighty."Kevin Avery is a frail boy who has to wear foot braces. Kevin is is the other half of "Freak the Mighty," and his intellect pairs well v Max"s strength.Kenny Kane is Max"s father. Kenny murdered Max"s mother when Max was simply a child, and also he later kidnaps Max.Loretta Lee is the owner that the purse the Max and Kevin retrieve.

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Maxwell Kane is called Max through his grandparents. Some human being called the Kicker since of the method he provided to lash out as soon as he was upset. Children have named him “Maxi Pad,” but Max is happiest as soon as he is gift Freak the Mighty, a composite creation made up of himself and Kevin. As soon as he is alone, as he is when the novel opens, Max is for this reason isolated he barely knows that he is lonely. This is because of the tough life he has led. Prior to Max to be born, his mom got associated with Kenny Kane. This isolated her, since her parental did not grant of Kenny. When Max was four, Kenny eliminated Max’s mother. Max make the efforts to protect against his father, however his dad, who is both massive and cruel, placed him in a closet. Physically, Max looks favor his dad. The is so huge that civilization fear him, and also sometimes his emotions overwhelm him. Mentally, Max is basically crippled by the trauma and also isolation that have identified his life, so much so that he end up in learning-disabled classes. Emotionally, Max is pure and sweet, and also rather young because that his age. While that is Kevin that insists the boys go top top adventures, that is Max that is as pure of heart together a knight.Kevin is opposing of Max in every little thing except heart. Whereas Max shed a mother, Kevin shed his father, who abandoned his mommy when he learned that Kevin had actually a birth defect. Physically, Kevin is tiny, almost a dwarf. However, mentally, that is as much a large as Max is a physics giant. Simply as his heart is too big for his human body in a literal feeling (one element of his medical troubles), therefore his imagination and also intellect are too large for his confining body, situation, and social context. He cannot walk unassisted, so he conjures up a dream of gift a robot. His body is vulnerable, so he dreams of gift a items on a quest, complete with armor and physical prowess. His crowning moment is as soon as he blends knightly heroism and mental agility the is pure Freak: as soon as he deals with down a murderer with a squirt gun full of pretend mountain in order to save his girlfriend Max. Kevin’s body eventually fails him, but like the legend that King Arthur that Kevin shares v Max, Kevin’s story lives on to accumulate others.Kenny Kane is Max’s father, and although he shows up physically in just the final 3rd of the novel, his shadow dims the whole book. That is the book’s villain, and a genuine one, a hazard that makes switchblade-wielding thugs choose Tony D. It seems ~ harmless. At one point in Freak the Mighty’s pursuit to recoup a lost purse, Kevin dresses as Darth Vader, however Kenny is therefore threatening due to the fact that he is the novel’s true Vader. “Killer” Kane embodies the dark next of all the novel’s themes. Instead of helping those the loves, he death his mam and...

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