There have been many of heavy WWE wrestlers through the years, but none of lock come all over close to the size of these 15 grapplers.

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Big Show and Andre the huge as WWE's heaviest wrestlers.
Wrestling now is a small man"s sport. The strong wrestlers like AJ Styles and also Daniel Bryan have changed how people look at professional wrestling and also the giant monsters from yesteryear would never ever work in today"s world. When a large man mirrors up, fans typically turn on them and refuse to even take notice. However, it wasn"t constantly like that.

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once Hulk Hogan to be champion, WWE brought the end bigger and heavier obstacles for him come overcome and also the pan loved it. While there have been extremely large guys in experienced wrestling, v at the very least one advertised in ~ 800 pounds and also a sign team at 600 pounds each, WWE has actually been careful to only hire specific stars for health and wellness reasons. Here are the 10 heaviest wrestlers in WWE history.

Updated on august 13, 2021, through Shawn S. Lealos: In 2021, AEW has carved out the niche in professional wrestling by presenting an incredible mix of big and little wrestlers contending on one equal playing field. However, in the exact same year, WWE has actually made number of cuts come its roster, through the rumors the they want bigger wrestlers, specifically in the NXT brand, i m sorry was at one time known because that its smaller, technical stars. However, this is nothing brand-new for WWE, who signed few of the heaviest wrestlers in background in the past, and appears to be top in the direction once again. What is exceptional is once one the these large guys turns out to be a major star, in spite of their girth and also excess load slowing castle down.

Omos and also AJ layouts in WWE.

The newest large man in WWE is Omos, and also the agency has presented him as a overcoming monster, no issue who he faced. He has made cruiserweights look prefer nothing and also made large men like drew McIntyre look small in comparison.

Omos began out as a backstage presence throughout Shane McMahon’s Raw Underground segments, an huge man was standing 7-3. Once that ended, WWE threw that onto TV together AJ Styles’ monster bodyguard and the 2 won the sign team titles easily. Omos weighs in at 400 lbs, the most difficult superstar top top WWE’s main brands in 2021.

Mark Henry and MVP in WWE.

When contrasted to someone favor Omos or Andre the Giant, mark Henry looked lot smaller than he really was. In reality, Henry is not just the world Strongest man but likewise one that the most heavy wrestlers in WWE history. Henry stand 6-2 and also weighed in in ~ an mean weight the 412 lbs in his wrestling days.

Henry is below 400 lbs now, however in his days as an active competitor, he to be responsible for amazing accomplishments of strength and finally climbed to the top as a dominant world champion. In ~ his size and also weight, he could run over just about any challenger inserted in prior of him.

Great Khali vs Rey Mysterio in WWE.

once The good Khali come in WWE, the firm positioned him together a top star. The former Punjab Police officer came in in ~ 7-1 when weighing in at 419 lbs. At the size, WWE did what they always do v giants and put the in the ring versus Undertaker.

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Khali not only beat Undertaker, however he won the human being championship in his 2nd year in the company. While many fans dismissed Khali since of his lack of wrestling skills, he ended up as a WWE hall of call member in the 2021 class.

Giant Gonzalez and an excellent Khali in WWE.

much like The an excellent Khali a decade later, WWE tried come make large Gonzalez a star by putting him versus Undertaker. Similar to Khali, Gonzalez was also not a very good wrestler and only offered his huge size to construct a ring presence. Uneven Khali, Gonzalez failed miserably in WWE.

His enhance with Undertaker is just one of the worst WrestleMania matches of all time and he left WWE after simply one year. Gonzalez was one of WWE’s tallest wrestlers ever at 8ft tall and he sweet 419 lbs, back WWE billed him in ~ 460.

Rikishi take it a if to uncover his spot in WWE, in spite of having the pedigree of the Samoan empire behind him. After a tag team function in the Headshrinkers and gimmicks together Fatu and also The Sultan, that finally found his place as the dancing huge man, Rikishi.

The gimmick aided Rikishi knife enshrinement into the WWE room of reputation in 2015, despite never rising above the mid-card. Rikishi only stood 6-1, but his mean weight in WWE to be a heavy 425 lbs. His sons lug on the family name, back their combined weight is 70 lbs lighter 보다 their dad’s complete weight.

most fans recognize Gorilla Monsoon native his days as the voice the WWE, functioning alongside Bobby "The Brain" Heenan and Jesse "The Body" Ventura. He dubbed some that the biggest matches in the "80s while Hulk Hogan was elevating the firm to brand-new heights. Later, in the mindset Era, he to be an authority figure.

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However, prior to all that, he was a experienced wrestler in the "60s and also "70s. When he started as a babyface, he establish the money remained in being a hoe monster and also Gorilla Monsoon to be born. He operated as a height heel in WWE, feuding v Bruno Sammartino. At his biggest weight, Monsoon was billed at 440 pounds.

The large Show is the most heavy wrestler in WWE today by a long shot. He has constantly been huge, and also WCW hinted that he was actually the son of Andre the Giant, i beg your pardon is no true. However, it created a good introduction to the newest large in experienced wrestling.

big Show is likewise one the the most successful giants in WWE history. The is a two-time WCW people champion, four-time WWE human being champion, and one-time ECW human being champion. He freshly slimmed down and also muscled up because that his health however at his heaviest, he was up approximately the 537-pound mark, but his average weight was actually closer to 441.

big Van Vader wasn"t always as big as his most heavy billed weight. He was constantly a strong powerhouse and also was, at one time, incredibly strong. He was a former football player and remained very agile regardless of his girth. Vader can do a moonsault at his weight, other that stays astonishing to this day.

In 2018, his heart offered out. Once he was failing in health, he tried to get healthy through DDP Yoga, however Dallas page told the he necessary to slim down a lot if he wanted to survive. Sadly, that was also late. At his heaviest, Vader sweet in at 450 pounds.

Old college fans the the territory days understand George Gray by the name the One guy Gang. At the time, he was a monster who traveled the territories and brutalized the babyfaces, usually v someone favor Skandar Akbar or Gary Hart together his manager. He to be a UWF Heavyweight Champion at the elevation of the are days.

In 1988, that signed v WWE and many fans were introduced to the in a really different gimmick. He was Akeem, a large dancing maker who wanted to re-embrace his "African roots" v manager Slick. One man Gang topped the end at 450 pounds.

Uncle Elmer would be entirely forgettable if no for one details moment in WWE history. Stanley Frazier was a mainstay in the territories as soon as he to be hired by WWE come become component of Hillbilly Jim"s kayfabe family. Jim to be struggling v some heels the made his life rough and also brought in his Uncle Elmer, Cousin Junior, and also Cousin Luke.

once it comes to Uncle Elmer, he was a large of a man, weighing in in ~ 450 pounds and also barely able come move about the ring in ~ all. However, the stands the test of time since he had actually a wedding on WWE tv to Joyce Stazko -- a wedding that legitimately happened.

King Kong Bundy sadly died in 2019 at the period of 61. During his life, the was one of the most heavy wrestlers in WWE in ~ 458 pounds and also was actually part of the main event of WrestleMania II. That complement saw Bundy battle Hulk Hogan because that the WWE civilization title, a complement that Hogan winner by escaping a stole cage due to the fact that he couldn"t pin the big man.

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Bundy additionally competed in a noteworthy match at WrestleMania III wherein he teamed v two midget wrestlers to battle Hillbilly Jim and two other midget wrestlers. When he bodyslammed among the little guys, they all turned ~ above him and he splashed castle all.

Earthquake was among the heaviest wrestlers in WWE background and 2 of his many memorable moment came because of his weight. The feuded in ~ one allude with Hulk Hogan and also his girth was presented to it is in impressive as soon as he splashed Hogan and also kayfabe broke his ribs. This made the a monster hoe to be reckoned with.

He also had a minute where the splashed the bag that Jake "The Snake" Roberts lugged his python Damien in, a horrifying moment. At his heaviest, Earthquake weighed in in ~ 468 pounds. He passed far young, at the age of 42 after ~ battling bladder cancer.

Nelson Frazier Jr. Had actually a variety of gimmicks once he completed in WWE. His very first one to be ridiculed by most fans together he take it on the function of King Mabel, part of the Harlem tag team men on a Mission. WWE do the efforts to push him as a monster singles wrestler as well when they had actually him success the King the the Ring tournament, however fans garbage him and he was repackaged.

once he returned he was now recognized as Viscera and was part of Undertaker"s ministry of Darkness. That teamed v Mideon and worked as a henchman because that Undertaker. Later on he reverted with a brand-new gimmick as The World"s biggest Love maker and finally as huge Daddy V. He passed away at the period of 43 and also at his heaviest, he sweet 500 pounds.

because that years, Andre the gigantic was referred to as the heaviest wrestler in WWE -- by far. Even when he wrestled various other giants like huge John Studd, Andre towered end them. Through the nickname The 8 hours Wonder the the World, Andre was no a good wrestler but was a special attraction that people loved to view compete.

Andre would take trip the world and beat the villains in various territories and also was loveable and also a treat to behold. He did have one heel turn once he tested Hulk Hogan, permitting Hogan to bodyslam him come prove his might. At his heaviest, Andre to be 540 pounds.

In 1992 a new giant came onto the scene. Yokozuna was in reality Rodney Anoa"i, and if that name sound familiar, that is since he was the cousin of roman Reigns, Umaga, and also The Usos. Yes, the big Japanese wrestler was actually part of the Samoan Dynasty.

through that said, he took Mr. Fuji as his manager and also wrestled as a Japanese wrestler who dwarfed over everyone he fought. If he competed in WWE, he topped the end at 600 pounds. However, he had a score to come to be bigger and after WWE fired him as result of health concerns, that ballooned as much as 760 pounds. He finished up dice at the age of 34.

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