Actress Storm Reid boasts a confidence and also maturity that much exceeds her years. I was may be to find out first-hand during a Zoom interview previously this month, wherein we debated her being the newest confront of assembly powerhouse Maybelline. And while Reid isn’t the pharmacy favorite’s usual spokesperson — the brand is notorious for its substantial roster the supermodels — the 17-year-old’s impact is currently being felt.

Ahead, uncover out why the cooperation is a enhance made in heaven, how Reid maintains her psychological health, and also the Black women she admires most.

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For you, who has accessibility to every assembly brand the she could ever want, why go you select to companion with Maybelline?

STORM REID: It’s together a blessing and so surreal, specifically as we gain closer to the announcement. Maybelline has been a part of my life for usually my entire life. My mother is not a large makeup person, yet she’s always a worn mascara. I always just experienced Maybelline mascara in the house, and sometimes she would put it ~ above me for recitals or auditions. So i was currently familiar v their products. And when this opportunity involved me and also when i was having actually conversations with the Maybelline team, I immediately felt favor I was a part of the family. Ns really knew and also could see that my voice and also my opinion mattered.

And as a young black girl, ns won’t just be “the face” of something. I’ll have the ability to implement ideas, I’ll be respected. So yes, also though I do have accessibility to tons of different things, even if it is that’s makeup brands or not, I’m a purpose driven person. And that’s even if it is I’m working v brand or jumping ~ above a task as an actress or producer, it needs to mean something. It has to not only impact me, but influence audiences. I’m trying not to obtain too excited, yet like top top Friday once the product launches and all these points come the end from Maybelline, to check out a young 17-year-old black color girl in choose CVS representing a brand, that’s impactful. And that’s something that young girls like us should see.

And with so many commodities to pick from, if you had to make her favorite Maybelline product, what would it be?

REID: five my gosh, wow. I would normally say the fit Me structure because it’s full-coverage and also amazing, but I would certainly probably have to go through the mascara. My mom used the Colossal Mascara as soon as I was farming up and it’s been about for awhile.

And girlfriend talk around impact, which is therefore important. Farming up, who were those celebrity depictions of beauty for you?REID: There were so many, yet there likewise weren’t enough. However of course, I had actually Zendaya, for this reason it to be like, five my God, there’s a girl that looks prefer me top top television. And when i look at her now, she’s somebody that not just looks favor me, yet a human who’s succeeding favor crazy, for this reason I know I can do other great, too. Yet now looking back, ns didn’t really have actually a many those young girls on television or ~ above ads that made me as motivated as Zendaya did. Yet women like miss out on Ava , miss Oprah, miss out on Cicely Tyson, may she remainder in peace, those world who have done the job-related and dedicated their lives and also their careers come make united state feel seen and heard. So ns am forever indebted to every one of those females that i mentioned, and also so numerous more.You’re so young and also you’re in an market that is exceptionally critical. Atop the that, you’ve grown increase in the social media era, i beg your pardon it renders things even an ext critical. Exactly how do you manage to keep your psychological together and also remain confident?REID: Yeah. Ns mean, it’s hard. I think human being fail to establish or periodically forget the I’m simply 17 and I’m still trying to number it out. Even when world praise me or applaud my talents, when I do take your sentiments wholeheartedly and also I evaluate them, when I view the poor comments i internalize the too. Ns am just a young girl do the efforts to number things out.

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So ns think it’s really my support system. They save me grounded and also they keep me sane, and also I have the right to go to them if I execute see them back Instagram comment and, and they lift me up. So ns think it’s all around having those assistance systems and those people around you, even if it is that’s her family, friends, or her team specifically. Have people approximately you the respect you, that listen come you and, and also know that you room going to do mistakes and that you’re not going come say every the best things and you’ll number it out.

You know, you are so much an ext mature 보다 I was at 17. So v so much of the human being ahead of you, where perform you check out yourself in 10 years?REID: It’s funny, because I don’t prefer answering this question, because I constantly say that i don’t understand what God has actually in keep for me. So i don’t understand what the following 10 years is going to look like. Yet if I had actually a say, in what the next 10 years would certainly hope to proceed to still it is in in this room of entertainment as an actress and as a producer but most importantly, together a human that is using their arts for impact. I desire to tell people’s stories, multicultural, multifaceted stories, and also I desire to develop a service to give others opportunities. For this reason that’s what I’d prefer to do, yet again, ns don’t understand what the universe and also what God has actually in save for me. Yet I feel favor if I continue to continue to be on this track and also simply be a great person, I’ll continue to be supplied by God as a courage to inspire people. I think this is miscellaneous I’ll it is in doing because that a really lengthy time, yet we simply never know.