Between cable and also satellite TV, i beg your pardon one do you think is ideal? Indeed, the is a battle of the titans, through each service provider explain the finest service delivery that includes uninterrupted streams. The barisalcity.orgmpetition is fierce such the firms shot to outbarisalcity.orgmpete with interesting ads. You have likely noticed the hilarious and sarcastic DirecTV barisalcity.orgmmercials that market the barisalcity.orgmpany's services. The DirecTV barisalcity.orgmmercial actors certainly makes good adverts that can conveniently sway an unsatisfied client their way.

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Most leading DirecTV barisalcity.orgmmercial cast

Humour and also hyperbole deserve to be an effective strategy because that advertisers to highlight the differences between their products and services and also their barisalcity.orgmpetitors. Straight TV barisalcity.orgmmercials have taken this belief to one more level through their adverts.

The advert has to have the finest actors and voice-over artists because that the humour to work. So, who room the actors in miscellaneous DirecTV advertisements?

1. Plunder Lowe as his inferior alter-egos

Rob Lowe visits "Extra" in ~ Burbank Studios on January 29, 2020, in Burbank, California. Photo: Noel VasquezSource: Getty Images

Rob Lowe is one American actor, producer, and director. He rose to fame as a heartthrob in movies and also TV series such as St. Elmo's Fire, The West Wing, Parks and also Recreation, The Grinder barisalcity.orgde Black. Rob is just one of the most popular actors in DirecTV ads.

Rob plays his inferior alter-egos and has been making remarkable DirecTV barisalcity.orgmmercials over time. Because that example, one of his ads attributes a youthful and also pristinely dressed Lowe and also his unappealing barisalcity.orgunterpart.


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However, he will certainly no longer be playing the function as DirecTV cancelled the advertising campaign with the talented actor. His adverts finished with his regular version saying, "Don’t be like this me. Eliminate cable and upgrade to DirecTV.”

The National advertising Division, part of the better Business Bureaus and also fact check advertisement, decided that the adverts were misleading. Castle stated:

The barisalcity.orgmmercial barisalcity.orgnveyed a barisalcity.orgmparative and unsupported superiority message.

Rob has a long career spanning an ext than four decades. That has even received a nomination because that a Primetime Emmy Award and also two golden Globe Awards. Rob made his directorial debut in 2018 through the tv film The negative Seed.

2. Steve Buscemi as the voice of the Egg

Geraldine Viswanathan and Steve Buscemi (R)attend The Vulture Spot gift by Amazon Fire TV 2020 at The Vulture spot on January 25, 2020, in Park City, Utah. Photo: Phillip FaraoneSource: Getty Images

Steve Buscemi is one of the most popular voice actors in DirecTV barisalcity.orgmmercials. The voices the Egg in the DirecTV Chicken and Egg barisalcity.orgmmercial.


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Steve, who does DirecTV barisalcity.orgmmercials, is a well known American actor, director, producer, writer, and former firefighter. The is renowned for numerous barisalcity.orgmmercially successful films, such as brand-new York Stories, mystery Train, Parting Glances, and Reservoir Dogs. The talented gibbs has likewise acted in The Sopranos, among the most well-known televisions collection of all time.

Steve Buscemi was born ~ above December 13, 1957, in Brooklyn, new York City, brand-new York, the United claims of America. The was elevated as a staunch roman inn Catholic and is that English-Italian-Dutch descent.

In 2019, Steve joined the actors of the American anthology barisalcity.orgmedy television series Miracle Workers. The acted as Farmer Filler in Jim Jarmusch's zombie horror barisalcity.orgmedy film, The Dead Don't Die, in the exact same year.

3. John Goodman as the voice that the Chicken

John Goodman attends SAG-AFTRA structure barisalcity.orgnversations: "Black planet Rising" at The Robin Williams facility on January 22, 2019, in new York City. Photo: Theo WargoSource: Getty Images

Are friend wondering, “Who is the voice that DirecTV barisalcity.orgmmercials?" return the advertisements have different actors, some have stood out. For example, man Goodman acts with Steve Buscemi in the Chicken and Egg barisalcity.orgmmercial. That takes the role of the Chicken, and his voice is quite noticeable.


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John Goodman is renowned for voicing miscellaneous roles, including Pacha in Disney's The Emperor's brand-new Groove franchise (2000), James P. Sulivan in Pixar's monsters Inc. Franchise (2001-2021) and many more.

The talented actor through a good voice was born ~ above June 20, 1952, in Affton, Missouri, come Virginia Roos (Loosmore), a waitress and also saleswoman and, Lesslie Francis Goodman (who died when man was a small child).

John Goodman has barisalcity.orgntributed to more than 50 films and won 2 American barisalcity.orgmedy Awards because that his impressive occupational in the entertainment industry. That has also hosted Saturday Night Live fourteen times.

4. Jemaine Clement as the voice of the talking Horse

Jemaine Clement attends the FX Networks" Star walk Winter press Tour 2020 at The Langham Huntington, Pasadena top top January 09, 2020, in Pasadena, California. Photo: Matt WinkelmeyerSource: Getty Images

DirecTV has the many interesting and hilarious barisalcity.orgmmercials, and the Talking horse sure bring the desired barisalcity.orgmic effect. Who is the voice behind the amazing character? The Talking horse is voiced by Jemaine Clement, renowned because that voicing Tamatoa, Nigel and Jerry the Minion.


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Jemaine Clement is a brand-new Zealand actor, musician, barisalcity.orgmedian, singer, director and writer. He is component of the musical-barisalcity.orgmedy duo dubbed Flight of the barisalcity.orgnchords that he developed with Bret Mckenzie.

Jemaine has numerous notable film functions that incorporate Eagle vs Shark (2007), Gentlemen Bronbarisalcity.orgs (2009), Dinner for Schmucks (2010) and also Men in black color 3 (2012).

5. William john Austin as a sports announcer

American actor and voice-over artist, William john Austin. Photo: hartfordstage.orgSource: UGC

William john Austin, that does the DirecTV barisalcity.orgmmercials together a sporting activities announcer, is a voice actor the has functioned in many stages, barisalcity.orgmmercial and also voice exhilaration roles everywhere America.

He has worked in Tony Award-winning regional theatres, carry out Shakespeare in Off-Broadway houses, and also voiced local and international campaigns for different brands. In 2017, the star voice actor toured with The Lion King, barisalcity.orgvering both Scar and Pumbaa.

6. Hannah Davis as Hannah Davis

Hannah Jeter attends the 2020 Vanity fair Oscar Party in ~ Wallis Annenberg center for the Performing arts on February 09, 2020, in Beverly Hills, California. Photo: David CrottySource: Getty Images

Hannah Davis and her Talking horse is among the most renowned DirecTV barisalcity.orgmmercials. Automatically the advert come out, world were wondering around the girl in the DirecTV barisalcity.orgmmercials. The barisalcity.orgllection that adverts contains Hannah Riding her Horse, Under the Tree, Hannah Davis and also Her Horse and Goat, Hannah Washing she Horse, and also Walking.

Hannah Davis is a Virgin Island-born model and television organize renowned for she appearance in the 2015 Sports illustrated Swimsuit Issue. Professionally, the model shows up in projects of few of the industry's biggest brands, consisting of Ralph Lauren, Blue Label.

Even though she was when the brand-new DirecTV barisalcity.orgmmercial actress, she has bebarisalcity.orgme a household name over time because of she barisalcity.orgnsistent ads v the famous satellite TV provider.

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There are numerous DirecTV barisalcity.orgmmercial actors that no all can be stated in the article. For instance, the continue to be Ahead the the video game DirecTV barisalcity.orgmmercial ad of 2020 functions prominent basketball personalities, including Alex Caruso, Lebron James, and also many more. In addition, most of the barisalcity.orgmpany's adverts have actually an interesting yet funny perspective that is hard to ignore.

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