Some commercials friend seem to watch an ext than others, particularly the brand-new AT&T \"Lily: Samsung Duel\" commercial. This one feels choose it\"s everywhere, but if girlfriend haven\"t checked out it, the plot is reasonably simple. A brand-new customer walks into an at&t Wireless store and also asks for their best brand-new smartphone deal. One existing customer overhears this and likewise wishes for your best new smartphone deal. Prior to you recognize it, the 2 customers are in the middle of an Old West stare-down duel, wait for the other person to stand down.

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Luckily because that everyone, Lily allows them recognize the best brand-new smartphone transaction is for both new and existing customers, so everyone is happy. That doesn\"t stop these two males from acquiring into another stare-down, hope to acquire the ideal deal. It\"s a hilarious commercial that really doesn\"t call for a lot of of initiative to understand, however you could be wondering around the 2 actors who play the new and present customer.

Check out who these two actors are, and also where you could have watched them in the past.

The first actor you check out in the commercial, the brand-new customer, is Shannon Lee Holmes. Although the has been in a few movies and also TV shows, friend most most likely remember him from his other commercials. He\"s been checked out in the EGO Power+ 56V Lithium-ion Mower commercial, and commercials because that Butterfinger Peanut Butter Cups, the NFL, and also another at&t commercial.

As because that his bigger roles, that is finest known for his 2006 debut in Richard Kelly\"s \"Southland Tales.\" Additionally, he played Cop #3 in 2014\"s \"Hard Crime,\" directed by Lee Ehlers. Holmes has additionally been featured ~ above the TV mirrors \"Just shut Up\" and \"Here\"s the Thing.\"

As for the existing client who wants the best deal possible, that is played by Johnno Wilson, who has actually a lot bigger resume 보다 Holmes. Transparent his 10-year career, Wilson has actually played smaller functions on a handful of TV shows, including \"Raven\"s Home,\" \"Modern Family,\" \"It\"s always Sunny in Philadelphia,\" and also \"Jimmy Kimmel Live!\"

Wilson also served as the co-star the a short-lived two-season show in 2019 dubbed \"Johnno and also Michael Try,\" whereby he and Michael Strassner shot different things, such as joining a cult. Once that job ended, Wilson ongoing to look at for more work together an actor.

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For now, we\"re glad the gibbs came together in 2021 to carry us the at&t \"Lily: Samsung Duel\" commercial.