Jon Stewart has been married to his wife, Tracey McShane, since 2000. Learn about an ext about their love story and also life together.

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Since signing off together The daily Show host back in 2015, Jon Stewart has devoted much of his time come directing feature films and advocating for battle veterans and also 9/11 an initial responders. He’s additionally had an ext time to spend with his family, which has wife Tracey McShane (now Tracey Stewart) and also the couple’s two children. Not many civilization know about Stewart’s marriage, together the funnyman likes to save his personal life the end of the spotlight. To provide you some understanding into the 58-year-old comedian’s family, here’s whatever you have to know around Jon Stewart’s wife, Tracey.

Jon Stewart Met His Wife, Tracey McShane, top top A remote Date

Stewart almost fully botched his an initial date v his wife-to-be earlier in 1997. While functioning as an actor on a film dubbed Wishful Thinking, Stewart was provided Tracey’s call number through a female manufacturing assistant who assumed the pair would hit that off. While the comedian was totally game to call Tracey and ask her the end on a blind date, he had written she phone number down on a dollar invoice (remember, this was prior to smartphones). He then accidentally offered that dollar bill to purchase a pack a cigarettes—before he had actually a chance to speak to her.

Luckily, Stewart did some sleuthing and also was able to get Tracey’s number again. “You know exactly how they used to give out actors sheets whereby they have everybody’s phone call number who worked on the set?” Stewart claimed in a 2002 interview ~ above CNN Larry King Live. “I got the number there, because she was the roommate of the . And then i called.” We need to admit, it to be a nice smooth move!

Stewart propose Via crossword Puzzle

If girlfriend think the method this pair met was cute, just wait till you hear how Stewart proposed. After dating Tracey for practically four years, the comedian determined he wanted to to his girlfriend in the many unique method possible. For this reason he enlisted the assist of will certainly Shortz, who’s best known together the editor the the New York Times‘ crossword puzzles.

Unbeknownst to Tracey—who to be an avid NYT crossword puzzle puzzle player herself—Shortz produced a puzzle that consisted of a variety of clues v special interpretations referencing Stewart’s proposal. Imagine Tracey’s shock and delight as soon as she establish her boyfriend was proposing to her through a crossword puzzle!

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Another fun fact about the couple’s nuptials is the they no officially “Mr. And Mrs. Stewart” when they an initial got married. That’s because at the moment they wed, “Jon Stewart” was not The day-to-day Show star’s legal name. Born Jonathan Stuart Leibowitz, the comedian chose to drop his surname once he to be young because of his strained connection with his father. Fairly than use his mom’s maiden name rather (“I believed that would certainly be just too huge a fuck friend to mine dad,” that explained), he determined to use his middle name through a various spelling. One he began performing standup, he adopted Jon Stewart as his phase name.

However, he never officially filed to have actually his last surname legally changed. At the moment of your 2000 wedding, the couple became “Mr. And Mrs. Leibowitz” top top paper. Eventually, Jon and also Tracey filed a joint name-change applications so they could officially become “Jon and Tracey Stewart.”

The couple Have Two children Together

The Stewarts have actually two kids—Nathan “Nate” Thomas, born in 2004, and Maggie Rose, born in 2006. Follow to a 2015 file of Tracey Stewart in the new York Times, the couple had trouble conceiving, so they turned to in vitro fertilization (IVF) for help.

Always the comedian, Jon Stewart made certain to save his mam smiling as soon as she had actually to self-administer ache shots because that the procedure by dressing up the couple’s plenty of pets. “The cat was Stanley—Stanley Tucci—and he’d put him in a tiny hat,” Tracey told the New York Times. “We dubbed him Nurse Tucci. Then he outfitted mine dog Monkey in these surgeon’s scrubs. And also Jon wore a lab coat and also … well, you’d have to see the photographs.”

Tracey has A enthusiasm For Animals

Though Tracey initially studied architecture at Drexel University and attended the California college of Arts and also Crafts, her true passion has always been working with animals. Once she met Jon, she had been functioning at various design jobs but wasn’t really enjoying her work. “It wasn’t until I started dating Jon the he would mention to me that he couldn’t understand just how such a passionate person was so uninspired at work,” she stated in a 2015 interview on terrycloth Gross’s Fresh Air. “He knew that I constantly wanted to be a veterinarian as soon as I was young and he had argued to me that ns go earlier to college for that.”

It turned the end to be fantastic advice—Tracey acquired a task as a veterinarian technician and instantly fell in love with the work. “It to be the finest job I ever had and I important loved the job,” she said.

After working as a vet tech for most of the ’00s, Tracey determined to return to her an innovative roots. She introduced Moomah The Magazine in the 2010s, which to be a renowned online hub because that parents. She’s likewise the founder the the Hockhockson farm yard Foundation, a non-profit committed to cultivating sustainable living, and author of the publication Do unto Animals: A Friendly guide to How animals Live, and also How We deserve to Make Their lives Better.

Jon and also Tracey run An animal Sanctuary In new Jersey

After Moomah The Magazine folded, Tracey establish she yes, really missed working through her beloved furry friends. “I thought around going back to being a vet tech, but the hrs are intense and also my kids are still young,” she called the New York Times. “And living in the city—elevators, cars, noise—there’s simply a level the craziness that comes to seem the norm till you spend time somewhere else.”

So she started doing work with the farm Sanctuary, a nonprofit devoted to rescuing pet abused through the agriculture system. She and also Jon also started sheltering pets at their own house in brand-new Jersey, which at one allude included 4 dogs, 4 pigs, three rabbits, 2 guinea pigs, one parrot, one hamster and two fish. Once that situation got too crowded, Tracey had actually the idea to open up she own pet sanctuary.

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In 2016, the Stewarts purchase the 45-acre farm property on i m sorry they now run the Hockhockson farm Foundation. In addition to providing resources and also education, the foundation serves together a sanctuary because that dozens of rescued animals.