Bruce Makowsky is an American entrepreneur, actual estate developer, and also businessman, that is ideal known because that listing a home he developed in Bel waiting on the market for $250 million.

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He to be born in 1956.

In the 90s, Makowsky and his wife established a animal leather goods realm in brand-new York marketing designer handbags with their flagship labels Tignanello, B. Makowsky, and also Kathy van Zeeland Handbags.

In 2008, they marketed the company to Li & Fung Ltd based in Hong Kong. Li & Fung proclaimed that Makowsky and also Kathy valve Zeeland will remain co-presidents the the valve Zeeland businesses.

Later, Bruce relocated to Los Angeles and founded BAM luxury Development, a world-class design and breakthrough company specializing in quality, luxury, and also finer details.

In 2013, Makowsky purchase a house over the Sunset piece for $5.3 million. In April 2014, Bruce sold the home for $19 million.

Also in 2014, he sold the “ultimate billionaire bachelor pad” to Swedish video clip game programmer and the creator the the Minecraft video game Markus Persson because that $70 million. The house has actually eight bedrooms and also 15 bathrooms. Keep in mind – Markus sold his company, Mojang, come Microsoft Corp. Because that $2.5 billion.

The Billionaire (mansion)

In 2017, Makowsky set the document for the many expensive home detailed in the us by listing a mansion (called Billionaire) he occurred in Bel waiting on the industry for $250 million.

”I wanted to redefine what super-high-end luxury residences are all about,” that said. Bruce likewise stated that around 3,000 human being in the people could afford come buy the mansion.

”The reason it’s $250 million is due to the fact that of all the occupational for the past four years of having actually 300 human being inside here, the arts curations within the house,” that commented because that NBC Los Angeles. Makowsky added: ”We have a 270-degree see from the snow-covered hills all the method down to LA.”

In 2013, the purchased the land for over $11 million from former professional football player Michael Strahan. Later, Bruce demolished an currently house. Then, the four-story 38,000 square foot mega-mansion located in Bel wait was develop in 4 years through a team that 300 people.

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”This house is much more like a floor yacht,” Bruce proclaimed during one interview. He went on to say: ”It didn’t make feeling to me that somebody would spend $300 million on a boat that they use eight main a year and live in a house that only expense $20 million or $30 million.”

Some the the tasks of the mansion include:

a four-lane luigi Vuitton bowling alley;two fully-stocked champagne and also wine cellars;a massage studio;a candy room filled through towering cylinders that sweets;five bars;vintage copper-and-gold gas can be ~ that day from 1892;130 artworks;an 85-foot infinity pool;a fitness center;a 40-seat movie theatre that has actually a 4K projector, a sound device with 57 speakers and 16 subwoofers, a 22-foot screen;a Hobie Cat sailboat;three kitchens;a helicopter the was supplied in the mid-80s action military collection Airwolf;21 bathrooms;$30-million fleet of exotic cars including a practice Rolls-Royce, a vintage Allard, and aBugatti Veyron;12 bedrooms.

”Every inch of the house is curated with the can be fried toys, entertainment, stone, wine, artwork, everything,” Bruce said. That continued: ”It’s all around the feeling and also experience you acquire when you in the house.”

In 2018, Makowsky reduced the price come $188 million and also $150 million in 2019. Clock a video clip of the mansion here.

In February 2019, Zillow’s website falsely confirmed that ”The Billionaire” offered for $110 million, then $90.54 million, then $94.3 million. Later, Makowsky sue Zillow, seek $60 million, citing permanent injury to the property’s perception.

On April 19, Zillow filed come dismiss the suit.

In October 2019, the mansion was sold for $94 million.

In February 2020, referee Otis D. Bright dismissed v prejudice 924 Bel air LLC’s claim versus Zillow because that negligence in a written ruling handed under this week.

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Bruce Makowsky is married to designer Kathy van Zeeland.


Bruce Makowsky – network Worth

Makowsky earned most of his riches from serving as the head that the BAM Luxury breakthrough Group. Bruce also sold designer handbags on QVC.

In 2008, Bruce and his wife sold the service to Hong Kong-based Li & Fung because that a reported $330 million. In 2019, Bruce sold a mansion for $94 million, when in 2014, he marketed a Makowsky-built house in Beverly Hills come Minecraft creator Markus Persson because that $70 million.

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”I understand just how rich world want to live, because I’m an extremely wealthy,” the entrepreneur as soon as said. Therefore, businessman Bruce Makowsky has actually an approximated net precious of $400 million.

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