Ross and also Rocky Lynch are perhaps known ideal for their duties as command vocalist and guitarist, respectively, the the energetic rock band R5 -- do up virtually entirely that the Lynch family. The pop-rock team released their debut in 2013, i beg your pardon peaked in ~ No. 24 ~ above the 200 albums chart, and have stability released new music due to the fact that then. Now, the 2 brothers space gearing approximately embark top top a new project: The Driver Era.

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Their first single, “Preacher Man,” drops on Friday, and got to chat v the brothers around their newest endeavor, what fans deserve to expect native this brand-new era and also what it way to them. Check out the interview below. run Chart Upstarts: Jonas Blue, RAC & R5

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What inspired the video for “Preacher Man”?

Ross: It every kinda come really quickly, i guess. As soon as you"re an alleged supply a tune with visuals, you desire it to do sense yet you don’t desire it ot it is in on the nose. The was every kinda like a seamless procedure of just how we got to that last product. It just kinda happened. Time goes, and also we uncover ourselves right here today.

Rocky: Honestly, it’s all been happening yes, really fast. Up till this moment, us were kinda in ~ a standstill. We were kinda just brainstorming thinking exactly how we want to technique the driver era, and everything simply happened basically yesterday. I’m kinda like captured off guard a little, so ns don’t know what come think of the yet, but it appears like human being are liking it.

How walk you walk from R5 come this? was is something you have constantly wanted to do?

Ross: it was a combination of principles but likewise just the idea that we knew we essential to readjust something. That idea has been approximately for a lengthy time, the wasn’t like a sparse thing. This is something that was on our plates because that a really lengthy time, and also we’ve to be considering it because that a lengthy time, and this was the ideal time for us to go v with it.

Rocky: We’ve been consistently trying new things and brand-new ideas on exactly how we want to method music. This simply happened to it is in the next step. In 20 years from now, we can be law things totally differently. The future is undecided, always.

Ross: I simply wanna have the ability to create everything we wanna create, whenever us can. And also whatever is the finest outlet for the creation, that’s what us should ultimately do. And also for current creations, the ideal outlet no necessarily R5, it was The Driver Era. Ours goal, as any type of artist should be, is to try and press the boundaries of not only ourselves, yet of the music, and additionally excite people. As an artist, you want to game people. The reason we started the Driver Era is just reason our creative endeavors sort of request it.

What do your siblings and the remainder of R5 think of The Driver Era?

Ross: anyone really right into it, actually. Anyone is super supportive. We’ve always had a family members dynamic, it’s always been love and support. A big part of the is the fact that Rocky and also I live together, and also we’re in the studio every solitary day. We’re creating songs and working hard on this craft the we’ve honed in an and wanna proceed to hone in on and perfect, i m sorry is songwriting and also anything sonically really.

Ultimately, due to the fact that Rocky and also I are so heavily involved in the creation process, i beg your pardon is what a band is an alleged to do, that feels organic and natural right now for the to it is in the main focus of The Driver Era. However, we’ve every been playing music with each other for 10+ years. We’ve developed such a bond it is really electric on stage. I think the was the main appeal that R5, and also that’s why a many of human being like us to this day. That’s just how we sustained every one of the energy we developed 5 year ago. And we don’t wanna tarnish that at all. We’re at this time brainstorming methods on how to show off that very same energy and dynamic right into The Driver Era.

Where walk the surname come from?

Ross: There room a lot of cool side stories to The Driver Era. Yes sir a lot of of tiny inspirations here and there from different things us like. Really where the name came from was simply a conversation that Rock and also I were having around the future and stuff. We’re constantly talking about anything future-leaning. Our greatest idols are civilization like Steve Jobs and Elon Musk, and people that space constantly do the efforts to push the envelope. We were simply talking around all of the technical advances, and also really interesting stuff like room X. I think somewhere along the way, The Driver Era was mentioned in the conversation, and also it just kinda had actually a ring come it. That felt nice. We chose it need to be the band name.

Who would certainly be your musical influences for The Driver Era?

Ross: It’s difficult to say. Once you acquire into the studio, and you’re going at it, do a many music, us don’t really reference a the majority of artists. We simply go in and make what sounds an excellent to us, and shot to create a good song, prior to we also establish any kind of vibes or reference. We’re not completely influences through anyone, you try to save your blinders on so friend can produce something authentic to you that’s no been excellent before. Although, that’s pretty lot impossible. But that’s your attempt. And also when us look back on ours music, we’ll be like “oh, that kinda sounds like Calvin Harris,” due to the fact that maybe we had actually been listening come him and also that simply naturally discovered its way into ours music. Calvin Harris is a good example, Pharrell is a good example, even pop artists favor Dua Lipa. We’re into a vast spectrum that music.

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That’s one of the factors for The Driver Era, simply to have a brand-new outlet of being more diverse. Everyone our age listens to songs from all genres. Ns was at my cousin’s residence just last night, these youngsters are 12 and 13, listening come “Rockstar” by article Malone-- the completely explicit version. They"re to sing along. It to be so eye opening to me. Sure, we can sit and listen to country music, climate at night we have the right to listen come Rap Caviar. I think our goal because that The Driver Era is to really broaden out pallet and also go the end and shot those things. Ns think Rocky and also I are qualified of that. Us actually have some rap songs we have to finish. We started some rap songs and also honestly, castle good. Not saying we’re going to be a lab band!

Are friend going come tour v this project?

Ross: In the past, we’ve to be a heavily touring band, all approximately the world. I’m confident the that fan base we created and shared every those memories through is going to come follow me for The Driver Era. We’ll check out that happens. We’ve obtained a lot of music coming up, there might be a tour, ns still have actually a lot of acting ingredient coming up. That’s one more exciting thing-- there"s so many possibilities. Anything can happen.