The pilot irradiate in your warm water heater does more than just ignite the gas. Without it, the water heater won’t be able to maintain inner temperatures, allowing the water come cool off. Pilot light issues are some of the most common problems competent with gas water heaters.

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This means it deserve to be a nightmare when your water heater pilot irradiate won’t stay lit. In some cases, that could additionally be one indicator of potential gas buildup.
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Please note that prior to attempting any kind of of this diagnostics or repairs, friend should very first turn off the gas and enable at least 5 minutes because that gas pressure and also fumes to disperse. This is a good rule of thumb for relighting the pilot in general, not just for diagnostics purposes.
factor 1: Dirty Pilot TubeReason 2: Kink in the Flex TubeReason 3: Obstruction in the ThermocoupleReason 4: Damaged ThermocoupleReason 5: Main regulate Valve

Reason 1: Dirty Pilot Tube


Dirt and debris have the right to collect in the pilot tube, causing the flow of gas to be blocked. As a result, the pilot doesn’t get sufficient fuel to continue to be lit. This is likewise a likely reason if the pilot i will not ~ ignite in ~ all. Thankfully, a dirty pilot tube is the easiest concern to fix.

How come Fix

All you require is a needle to slide right into the pilot hole and also gently remove any type of debris. This procedure might take a couple tries to complete, depending upon how lot debris is in the tube. Checking to watch if this step operated is a an easy matter of bright the pilot and seeing if it lights up properly and also stays lit. A healthy flame will be blue in color.

Reason 2: Kink in the Flex Tube


The flex tube gives fuel via the gas controller. On occasion, the pipe can come to be kinked, interrupting the flow of gas.

This is just one of the most typical reasons the burner won’t continue to be lit, even when the pilot appears to it is in in working order. While not as common as thermocouple issues, it’s simple fix and also should thus be rules out early on.

How come Fix

Perhaps the easiest concern to fix, friend need merely look for any kind of kinks in the tube and unkink them. In the event the problem persists, you may be having an problem with the thermocouple.

Reason 3: Obstruction in the Thermocouple


Thermocouple difficulties can be reasonably common, and also this ingredient is often the culprit as soon as the water heater pilot keeps walk out. This device is design to pick up an electric signal native the pilot light’s heat to determine whether or no the pilot is on.

When dust particles obtain in the way, it deserve to interfere through this signal, leading the thermocouple to think the pilot has gone out. It climate shuts off the gas supply as a security precaution.

How come Fix

Ensure the thermocouple is cool come the touch. You will certainly then must take a piece of fine grit sandpaper and gently sand the surface to remove any kind of grime.

This need to ensure the ingredient is functioning properly. However, if this an approach doesn’t solve the problem, thermocouple replacement may be important due to part failure.

Reason 4: Damaged Thermocouple

This is a more severe scenario, together it might require instead of the part. Damage may be in the kind of the sensor gift bent too far away indigenous the pilot light or it may mean the whole unit is no longer functional.

How to Fix

Examine the thermocouple. The sensor in ~ the end should easy touch the flame once the pilot’s lit. In the event it has end up being bent far from the flame, gently bend it back.

A thermocouple which mirrors no indicators of damage and is clean have to be tested v a multimeter. The reading should be over 20MV. Any reading below this is a clear sign that the thermocouple itself is damaged and also needs to it is in replaced.

Reason 5: Main manage Valve


This is the difficulty you want to protect against out of those i beg your pardon you can diagnose yourself. The easiest method to diagnose a poor control valve is to try all other solutions first.

With all other alternatives ruled out and the thermocouple showing results on the multimeter, this is virtually certainly the culprit.

How come Fix

There is only one way to resolve a poor control valve and also that is to replace it. This can be costly contrasted to other DiY problems, and also more daunting for those inexperienced with this type of work.

When all Else Fails


All that the above mentioned causes can be diagnosed and also remedied through the median homeowner. However, there might be rare situations where the pilot won’t stay on even after did you do it exhausted every one of these reasons.

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In such excessive cases, the just solution is to speak to in an experienced to examine the water heater fully. Worst case scenarios could lead to instead of the whole heater, however the trouble is most frequently one which have the right to be repaired through the ideal tools and also parts.