Are you reasoning of to buy a solar covering for your pool? Solar pool covers, likewise known together solar pool blankets, involve quite a large investment so that is vital to ensure that the expenditure will be worth it for you.

Generally having actually a solar pool cover will conserve money in the lengthy run, specifically if you heat your pool using electricity or gas. Castle will also extend her swimming season and also reduce the amount of money you invest on chemicals.

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To help you decision whether come buy a solar pool cover for her in-ground or above-ground swimming pool I try to answer all of the inquiries you may have actually so you can make an informed decision.


Manual roller or reel: This is the most popular technique of removing and putting ~ above the cover. The solar sheathe is attached come the roller therefore that once it is would up the cover rolls up around it until off the the swimming pool completely. Many rollers have actually wheels at one end so the you have the right to wheel it out of the way when swimming if required.

Electric roller: this are comparable to the hand-operated roller but are activate electronically at the press of a button.

Manually: In theory it would certainly be possible to traction a solar covering on and also off and also fold or role it up manually when not gift used. But that would be very daunting and impractical, specifically if the is a huge pool. Doing it this method you are much an ext likely come tear that or damages it in some means so the wouldn’t last really long. The would likewise be such a pains to placed on and also take off that you more than likely wouldn’t bother with it at every after a while.

One the the finest solar covering reels is the VINGLI swimming pool Cover Reel set which comes through all fittings to connect to a solar blanket and also is easy to assemble. That fits all pool shapes/covers.

Pool maintain Course

When I first bought my house with a swimming pool I knew nothing about how come clean and also maintain it. I was encourage Swim University’s Pool treatment Handbook and video clip course so i bought it and also have never regretted it.

It was more than likely the ideal money I spent that year together I have saved thousands through doing it myself.

Can you usage a solar cover in the winter?

Well come a big extent this depends on what the climate friend live in is like and whether you want to use the swimming pool year round.

Cold winter climates

If you live what with very cold winters, probably with heavy snowfall and hard frosts then the answer is most certainly no. Her solar cover will require replacing much quicker in a climate prefer this. If her weather is so cold the the water freezes then there is a good chance the the solar cover would be damaged past saving by ending up being frozen.

If money is no object so you save your pool heated transparent the winter in such a cold climate, and swim in it, then it might be worth using a solar sheathe in the winter too. You space unlikely to get much heat from the sunlight by maintaining it on but the thermal attributes of the cover would help to retain heat. You may just discover that the money you save in heating costs covers the expense of renewing the cover have to it require it.

Warm winter climates

If girlfriend live somewhere choose Arizona, Florida or parts of Australia climate it might be possible to usage the cover in winter to permit year round swimming by maintaining the swimming pool warm. There is no the extremes of weather the sheathe is much less likely to become damaged.

What execute I do?

The climate is an excellent here in the Canary Islands, v the shortest temperatures hardly ever dropping below 50ºF at night and also 68ºF throughout the work in winter. Yet there is insufficient sunshine to save the pool at a temperature that we are ready to swim in (we dislike the cold), also with ours solar heating and also the solar cover.

So from roughly mid-November till late February, or beforehand March, i take the covering off and also store it. Watch the following section for tips top top storing.

How to keep a solar sheathe in winter

Apart indigenous UV light (more of that in a moment) another thing which provides your solar covering degrade quicker are the chemistry in the pool. Therefore if you just remove the cover and store it then it will have actually these chemicals, and dirt, still on it. These will continue to act upon the covering while it is stored. So before you keep the cover you should wash it with soapy water.

Ideally you need to do this in one area large enough to lay it out flat, such together a terrace or a driveway. Lay that out and then hose it down. Afterwards, utilizing a bucket of soapy water wash it with a soft broom to remove as lot as girlfriend can. Climate hose it down again. You should do this ~ above both sides and also then leave it come dry totally before rolling that up.

Once dry and also rolled increase you need to protect it native not just the winter weather but likewise from UV (Ultra-violet) light. Also the winter sun can produce enough UV come degrade the cover. If you have somewhere inside you deserve to store it, such as a huge garage, then the is ideal. If you cannot keep it within then you deserve to buy a cover to safeguard it fairly cheaply in a dimension to fit yours.

Can you usage a solar cover on an over ground pool?

Solar pool covers work simply as successfully on above ground pools as they execute on in ground pools so over there is no reason not to have actually one.

You can also use a roller to wind climate in and out together rollers can be to buy which affix to the side of the pool.

Does a solar cover stop the pool obtaining dirty?

Although some seem to imply that solar covers do at least help in keeping the pool clean, in mine experience, this is not among their benefits. You always have a tiny gap in between the pool sides and also the cover therefore dirt and also debris regularly gets blown towards the edges and then enters the pool.

Also, to store the sheathe in great order it is great practice to hose any dirt turn off the cover prior to you roll it increase so this ends up in the swimming pool anyway while you room using the hose or once you roll it up.

Do solar pool covers reason algae?

Solar swimming pool covers execute not cause algae to grow. It might be argued that together they boost the water temperature, and also algae grows faster in warmer water, then algae expansion can be accelerated by making use of a solar cover.

In exercise I think it renders little, or no, difference. At least I have never had algae development in mine pool due to the fact that using one because that the past 6 years.

Can you operation the swimming pool pump through solar cover on?

Absolutely, and you must run that too. Your swimming pool pump must run for the very same amount the time each day once the solar sheathe is top top than as soon as it is off.

The water still requirements to it is in filtered and the chemistry circulated whether on or off and no damage will involved the solar cover once the pump is running.

How long will a solar pool cover last?

Generally the thicker the cover the much longer it will last. If you keep the solar covering under sheathe or away from UV rays end winter and take care with it during the summer friend may gain 5 years the end of it but it can be as small as 3 years.

I have to say this is just one of my one bugbears v solar swimming pool covers. Their one function in life is to be in full sunshine and also float ~ above water containing solid chemicals therefore why can’t they be designed to resist that better. Why can’t the manufacturers deal with this problem? yet that’s simply me i guess.

Over time the UV light starts come rot the plastic and also it starts come disintegrate. Separation, personal, instance bubbles start to come out (and finish up everywhere your yard). You just have to bite the bullet and replace it at the point.

Other types of solar swimming pool cover

Liquid solar covers

This is a relatively new phenomenon and also is usually a kind of alcohol which floats on top of the water and also prevents evaporation the the water (which is whereby most warmth loss occurs). It sounds fairly bizarre but it has actually been presented to work.

It is very easy to usage as every so often you just pour in some an ext to preserve its effectiveness. Return you cannot swim v a plastic solar swimming pool cover quiet on the swimming pool (obviously), you deserve to with a fluid solar cover, so over there is much less work involved. It has actually been approved for sure to use and also swim through by the FDA.

Liquid solar covers space not encourage for usage in very windy locations though.

It walk not damage the filtration system in any way. In fact, together it creates just a slim layer on peak of the water, very tiny of it will certainly actually be pulled v the filtration system.

The most well-known liquid solar covering on Amazon is the natural Chemistry Swimming swimming pool COVERfree obstacle Layer

Solar sunlight rings

These are rings the solar blanket, normally with a floatation ring roughly the outside, which space thrown top top the surface ar of the pool and act in the same method as a full solar pool cover. It have the right to take quite a few to covering a huge pool.

They are simpler to remove and replace and likewise to save over winter since they can just be stacked up.

They do have actually some drawbacks. Lock leave areas of the pool surface ar exposed. Due to the fact that of that they space less effective than a standard solar swimming pool cover at stopping evaporation and also heat loss.

These are available on Amazon – Solar sunlight Rings

My peak 3 swimming pool cleaning tools

These are the swimming pool cleaning devices I have uncovered the most useful because I have had my pool.

Step and corner vacuum brush

This is a really valuable tool for obtaining into the locations that a typical vacuum head merely cannot reach. Aquatix agree Pool step & corner Vacuum Brush

Leaf rake net

If, like me, you gain plenty of leaves at the bottom top top your pool then a great leaf rake/net is a must. The Stargoods swimming pool Skimmer network gets under the pipeline easily.

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Robotic swimming pool cleaner

These are quite expensive and also it to be a number of years before I little bit the bullet and also bought one. I have actually never regret it. The Dolphin Nautilus CC plus is the many recommended pool cleaning robot on every one of the swimming pool forums. That not just cleans the bottom the the swimming pool but likewise the sides and the waterline.