Two NFL teams at this time are in the middle of double-digit shedding streaks. The Cleveland Browns are at 15 right losses dating earlier to last season. And the mountain Francisco 49ers now have actually dropped 10 straight due to the fact that the main 1 win. Each of those room the longest shedding streaks in their respective franchises’ histories.

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That acquired us to thinking: What space the longest losing streaks because that each NFL franchises? Some might surprise you, but others space either renowned or not that stunning. Wpe provided each team streaks (via agree Football Reference) from most pathetic come least, if for no other reason 보다 to gain the bad news out of the way and job-related our way up come the not-as-depressing history.

(Note: us did not include the 29-game shedding streak for the Chicago Cardinals native 1942 to 1945 due to the fact that it included the short-lived merger of two franchises — together with the Pittsburgh Steelers — during human being War II. You can read much more about that interesting background here.)

Tampa just Buccaneers Losing streak: 26 gamings When: Sept. 12, 1976 to Dec. 12, 1977 The skinny: The growth Buccaneers shed their first 26 games, which stays the worst streak that infamy in organization history. Poor John McKay, that won 4 national title in college, somehow maintained his feeling of humor during the pitiful run. However he had actually legitimate factor to smile as soon as it finished at the Superdome as soon as the Bucs thumped an overconfident new Orleans Saints team led by Archie Manning (whose pregame comments ended up being bulletin board material for the Bucs). Two periods later, the Bucs were hosting the NFC title video game — a impressive turnaround. We very recommend you watch the NFL Network “Timeline” story around the 0-26 Bucs. The a really good story.

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Tied-2. Detroit Lions Losing streak: 19 games When: Dec. 30, 2007 come Sept. 20, 2009 The skinny: The 2007 Lions fell from 6-2 at the midpoint to the end of the playoffs in ~ 7-9. And also then 2008 brought history: the league’s an initial 0-16 season (the NFL play 14-game seasons when the Bucs were winless in 1976). The most crushing loss to be a 12-10 defeat to the Minnesota Vikings once Dan Orlovsky hilariously ran out of the end zone ~ above his very own volition for a safety that provided the win margin.

Rod Marinelli was fired and replaced by Jim Schwartz, who led the Lions come a thrilling victory over the Washington Redskins at an early stage in the 2009 season. In fact, the Lions are the only team ~ above this perform to have a losing streak span parts of three seasons. Ugh. However the Lions do the playoffs 2 years later.

Tied-2. Oakland Raiders Losing streak: 19 gamings When: Nov. 1961 to Dec. 12, 1962 The skinny: There were part dark job in the early on years of the franchise, which showed up rudderless together it bounced from stadion to stadium (including two in san Francisco) and also went v coaches choose dirty napkins. The 1961 Raiders lost their last six games, and the 1962 club picked up ideal where they left off, dropping their first 13 games in what appeared to it is in a winless season. But in the finale — actually play a video game in Oakland proper, in ~ Frank Youell field (capacity 22,000) — the Raiders increased up through a protective gem, shutting out the Boston Patriots, that were without beginning QB Babe Parilli, 20-0. It was the first shutout in Raiders history, and the rainy, sloppy problems no doubt played a part.

In the offseason, the Raiders hired a 33-year-old head coach and also general manager named Al Davis far from Sid Gillman’s mountain Diego Chargers coaching staff and also the remainder was history. The Raiders were 10-4 in 1963 yet wouldn’t make the postseason until 1967 — and they would miss out on the playoffs only as soon as in the 11 seasons to follow. (The Raiders also would shed 16 right from Nov. 24, 2013 come Nov. 16, 2014.)

4. Houston Oilers (now Tennessee Titans) Losing streak: 18 gamings When: Oct. 9, 1972 to Oct. 28, 1973 The skinny: The Oilers actually own two that the 6 longest streaks in NFL-AFL history, dropping 18 right in 1972-1973 and then 17 straight almost a decade later on to the day. The very first streak covered an ext than a calendar year and also resulted in back-to-back 1-13 seasons. Quarterback Dan Pastorini was also the punter, i m sorry was practically — the Oilers topped 20 points only once throughout the streak. It pertained to an end with a 31-27 victory over the Baltimore Colts on a final-minute touchdown from Lynn Dickey come Fred Willis.

Painfully, the Oilers dropped their final six games of the 1973 season and also lost 11 of their next 12 yet improved come 10-4 in 1975 and made the postseason in 1978. (The Oilers became the Titans in 1997, and also that iteration of the franchise dropped a Tennessee-worst 10 right in 2014.)

Tied-5. St. Luigi Rams (now Los Angeles Rams) Losing streak: 17 gamings When: Oct. 26, 2008 to Oct. 25, 2009 The skinny: Going indigenous Super Bowl competitor to bottom the the barrel in the issue of a couple of years, the Rams go one day quick of a year between victories. Although they still had actually Torry Holt, Steven Jackson and also Marc Bulger, the violation struggled badly. Jim Haslett winner his very first two gamings after replacing Scott Linehan together head coach however then reduce 12 right to close the end 2008. Steve Spagnuolo took over in 2009 and also ended the streak versus … the Lions. Yes, the very same 2009 Lions the had ended their very own streak the sadness.

The Rams to reduce their last eight games in 2009 and also their very first two of 2010, therefore a loss come the Lions the day would have made the streak one NFL-worst 30 losses in a row. However it no happen, therefore whatever. The Rams have actually not been earlier to the playoffs since. Hey, you wanted this, L.A. (The longest streak in L.A. Rams history was 12 games between 1959 and also 1960.)

Tied-5. Washington Redskins Losing streak: 17 gamings When: Oct. 30, 1960 to Nov. 12, 1961 The skinny: After losing the 1945 NFL location game, the Redskins experienced through a long period of ignominy, which bottomed out in the 1960 and also 1961 seasons. After ~ a 1-1-2 start (for real) in 1960, lock didn’t need to worry around tricky tiebreaker scenarios; this team was simply U-G-L-Y ugly. That team shed eight straight, failing to gain double-digit an initial downs in half of them.

The 1961 skins were no better, however the hilarious footnote is that the streak finished with a 28-28 tie come the rival Dallas Cowboys, who also were awful ago then. For this reason the Redskins actually went 23 straight gamings without a victory. The bookend wins to be both versus the Cowboys, too. The Redskins had actually to wait till the 1971 season come finish about .500 and make the playoffs. Lock say things move progressively in Washington D.C., yet that’s simply a man string that red tape.


But Landry was additionally at the finish of his operation as coach once the Cowboys’ following 10-loss streak fight in his last season of 1988. They ended it through a dramatic success over the competitor Redskins, that were the defending champs, in week 15 in ~ RFK stadion to punch them out of the postseason race. Yet it was the end of one era together Jerry Jones to buy the team in the offseason, Jimmy Johnson replaced Landry and the Cowboys set forth toward building their new dynasty that started with an 11-win team in 1991.

Tied-25. Seattle Seahawks Losing streak: 10 games When: Oct. 26, 1980 to Sept. 6, 1981 The skinny: The growth Seahawks began out their fifth NFL season by picking turn off Kenny Stabler five times in a game, rushing because that 220 yards in a road win end the Redskins and starting out a promise 4-3 — through all the victories coming away from the Kingdome. Then they lost the remainder of your games. 2 painful ones included a 51-7 drubbing to the Cowboys top top Thanksgiving and also a home loss the following week come a bad new York Giants team.

But it’s a stretch of futility that few remember, together the team was somewhat competitive before and after. Chuck Knox took over in 1983 and also led the team come the playoffs in his first year together coach.

Tied-25. Mountain Francisco 49ers Losing streak: 10 games When: Sept. 18, 2016 to present The skinny: Chip Kelly’s first season in mountain Fran got off to a solid start through a 28-0 win over the Rams in their an initial game with the franchise earlier in L.A. Kelly also earned praise from the skeptical Bay Area media for how he tackled a absence of talent and the Colin Kaepernick conflict that sprung up in the preseason. But since then, Gabbert was benched for Kaepernick and also the defense has permitted 30 or more points in eight the those 10 losses.

Kaepernick’s strong play on Sunday versus the Dolphins offers some expect he could be getting ago to vintage form, and also there room winnable gamings left top top the schedule — including Sunday at the 2-9 Bears.

Tied-28. Green Bay Packers Losing streak: 9 games When: Oct. 24, 1948 come Oct. 2, 1949 The skinny: So it no Curly Lambeau’s best team ever, OK? but what does the say about a franchise that has been around for almost a century that this was their longest losing streak? The Packers struggled come do much of keep in mind through the 1950s and also didn’t do the playoffs again till 1960, which to be the begin of a brilliant operation under Vince Lombardi. Incredible: The Packers have actually not lost much more than five games in a row because a seven-game slide in ~ the end of the 1990 season into at an early stage 1991.

Tied-28. New York Giants Losing streak: 9 games (twice) When: Sept. 9, 1976 to Nov. 7, 1976 and Nov. 9, 2003 and Sept. 12, 2004 The skinny: Same together the Packers over — the franchise has actually played 1,284 gamings in its history and never ever lost more than nine straight. The very first streak expense Bill Arnsparger his job; he to be canned after an 0-7 begin to the 1976 season, back the NFL did him no favors through scheduling the Giants on the road five of the very first six games. It took the franchise five years to get to the playoffs ~ that. The next streak additionally cost a coach his job. Jim Fassel was fired after ~ they shed their final eight gamings after a 4-4 start.

Tom Coughlin lost his debut, then finished the skid in week 2 the the 2004 season, back he likewise came nearby to corresponding the streak by losing eight games down the stretch that year. The Giants made the postseason 4 straight years starting in 2005.

Tied-28. Baltimore Ravens Losing streak: 9 games When: Oct. 21, 2007 come Dec. 23, 2007 The skinny: The franchise turned 20 this year, and though the at an early stage years to be pretty lean prior to Brian Billick arrived, that led them come a Super key title and made them pertinent throughout the 2000s. That felt choose Billick obtained jobbed when he was let seek the 2007 season even with the nine-game shedding streak adhering to a 4-2 start. There were two overtime casualty in that stretch, along with the Monday Night Meltdown to the Patriots, which kept their unbeaten constant season going.

The Ravens permit Billick go, changed him with John Harbaugh and also were ago in the postseason the adhering to year, beginning a streak of 6 playoff appearances in 7 seasons.

Tied-31. Chicago bears Losing streak: 8 games (five times) When: Dec. 15, 1968 to Nov. 2, 1969; Sept. 25, 1978 to Nov. 12, 1978; Dec. 22, 1996 come Oct. 12, 1997; Sept. 22, 2002 to Nov. 18, 2002; and also Nov. 27, 2014 to Sept. 27, 2015 The skinny: Another team that has been around forever without a double-digit losing streak, even with some very lean year in bear history. Of course, 5 eight-game losing streaks isn’t every that superior either. George Halas stopped coaching after ~ the 1967 season, and also the Bears dropped from 7-7 come 1-13 (with prick Butkus and also Gale Sayers) in 1969. In fact, that was the year Brian Piccolo acquired sick, prompting the Brian’s Song film. The 1978 Bears were weird: they began 3-0, lost eight in a row, then finished winning 4 of five.

The 2002 bears played their home games in two hrs from Chicago in Champaign when Soldier field was being renovated, v Jim Miller, kris Chandler and (recent Grey Cup champion) Henry Burris starting games at quarterback. All you require to understand there. Losing 5 straight down the big in 2014 cost (also a Grey Cup champ) Marc Trestman his job, and replacement john Fox finished the bleeding ~ an 0-3 start in 2015.

Of note: If this year’s Bears, who have actually dropped three directly heading into Sunday’s home game versus the 1-10 49ers, shed all their remaining games, castle would match this eight-game streak. You hear that, Matt Barkley?

Tied-31. Minnesota Vikings Losing streak: 8 gamings When: Dec. 21, 2001 to Sept. 29, 2002 The skinny: Denny green was allow go with one video game to walk in the 2001 season, therefore his 3 losses and also Mike Tice’s 5 (four to start the 2002 season) made up the longest losing streak in franchise history. Over this stretch, the Vikings were recognized for two things: a good offense v Randy Moss and also the uncanny ability to fade late in games.

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But for the ideal NFL franchise never to win a Super key — in our minds, at least — it’s an additional pretty remarkable accomplishment to have not had any type of streaks longer than this. They’ve twice lost seven straight and also twice shed six straight however never an ext than eight.

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