which title would ideal complete this partial outline?1__________a. Development of mystery alliancesb. Conflict over colonies in Africac. Army buildup of european armies and also naviesd. Assassination that Archduke Ferdinand1. Scramble for Africa2. Causes of human being War I3. Results of people War II4. Reasons for the joined Nations

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"Germany Austria-Hungary and Italy type triple alliance""Serbian nationalism grows in Balkans""archduke Ferdinand assassinated and Bosnia"the occasions in these headlines contributed most straight to the1. Beginning of human being War I2. Outbreak of the Cold War3. Development of communist dominance in Europe4. Strengthening of europe monarchies
• Led the Russians in a 2nd revolution• promised peace land and bread• developed the new economic policywhich leader is being described by the statements1. Czar Nicholas II2. Nikita Khrushchev 3. Vladimir Lenin4. Mikhail Gorbachev
barrage, curtain fire, mines, gas, tanks, device guns, hand grenades - indigenous words words they hold the horror of the world. This quotation finest describes the impacts of the1. Technical developments supplied during civilization War I2. Formation of alliances in civilization War II3. Tension in between the superpowers powers throughout the Cold War4. Protests versus reforms during the Indian freedom movement
if I must die think just this the me that there"s some edge of a foreign ar that is forever England there shall it is in in that affluent richer dust concealed. A dust who England bore shame made aware. Offered once her flower to love, her methods to roam. A human body of England"s breathing English waiting washed by the rivers blessed through suns of homewhich concepts expressed in this expert from Brooke"s poem?1. Pacifism2. Neutrality3. Nationalism4. Anarchy
which statement finest describes europe just prior to World battle I1. The formation of the contrary alliance systems increased international distrust2. European leaders revived to a policy of appeasement come solve worldwide disputes3. The communist nations advocated violent transformation throughout western Europe4. The isolationist policies of England and also France prevented their entry right into the hostilities
which generalization about the beginning of war is ideal supported by the historical background of people War I1. Year of proceeding international tension frequently lead come war2. A policy of appeasement can delay but not stop the outbreak of war3. War outcomes from dependency on advances in technology4. Spiritual hatred"s regularly lead come war
which case was a significant result of world War I1. The league of countries was able to preserve peace in Europe because that a half a century2. European countries quickly came to be self-sufficient and also regained financial prosperity3. The Soviet Union in the United claims cooperated economically and militarily4. The contract of versailles included provisions that contributed to the political and economic troubles of Europe
4. The treaty of Versailles consisted of provisions that contributed to the political and also economic difficulties for Europe
which statement finest describes the relationship between World battle I and also the Russian revolution1. World War ns created conditions within Russia that help to create of revolution2. Civilization War i postponed the Russian revolution by restoring to trust in the czar3. The Russian revolution inspired the Russian human being to win human being War I4. Civilization War I provided the czars armies the needed experience come suppress for the Russian revolution
which statement defines a similarity between the French revolution in the Bolshevik revolution in Russia1. The leaders and also power before the revolutions favored changing the political mechanism in the country2. Both transformations were the results of government denial of basic human rights and stressful economic conditions3. Many of the revolutionary assistance was listed by radicals from various other countries4.The new democracies created by the changes gave human being greater depiction in over there governments
2. Both transformations were the outcomes of federal government denial of simple human rights and also stressful financial conditions
The Bolshevik party in 1917 obtain the support of the peasant class due to the fact that they promised them 1. Tranquility land and bread2. Liberty equality fraternity3. Abolition the the an enig police4. Democratic reforms and all levels of government
Lemons promise of tranquility land and bread during the Bolshevik transformation of 1917 to be made in an effort to1. And Francis occupation of Russia2. Gain renowned support to fall the government3. Restores czar Nicholas II to power4. Fix conflicts in between farmers of varied ethnic backgrounds
have a military losses in human being War i food & fuel shortages and oppositions come the czar command to1. French Revolution2. Russian revolution3. Chinese revolution4. Cuban revolution
One of the significant causes that the Russian change of 1917 to be the 1. Abuse of political strength by Czar Nicholas II2. Federal governments refusal come enter world War I3. Rapid development of the appropriate to vote4. Failure of communism
The study of the reasons of the American French and Russian revolutions suggests that changes usually occur because the1. Society has come to be dependent on commerce & trade2. Culture has a reduced standard of living 보다 the society"s roughly it3. Existing government has to be resistant to change4. Reduced classes have strong leaders
A significant cause of the Russian revolution of 1917 was the1. Defeat of Germany in the Russian campaign2. Marriage of Czar Nicholas II come a German princess3. Visibility of sharp economic differences between social classes4. Very nice of Marxism to the Russian nobility
which leader based upon the principles of karl Marx and Friedrich Engels 1. Neville chamberlain2. Vladimir Lenin3. Adolf hitler4. Jiang jieshi
The peasants of Russia supported the 1917 Bolshevik revolution mainly due to the fact that the Bolsheviks promised1. Land come the peasants2. Loss of the German invaders3. Freedom of religious beliefs for all4. New jobs in factories because that the peasants
The treaty of versailles punished Germany because that its duty in human being War One by1. Forcing Germany to expropriate blame for the war and also to salary reparations2. Splitting Germany into four occupied zones3. Supporting financial sanctions by the joined Nations4. A German territory in the Balkans in Spain
The treaty of versailles angered countless Germans after world War I due to the fact that the Treaty1. Divided Germany right into communist and also non-Communist zones2. Made Germany restore it"s Emperor3. Forced all German-speaking europe to go back to Germany4. Required Germany to pay large war reparations
many historians believe that the harsh regards to the treaty of versailles helped lead to1. Italy"s unification2. Turkeys modernization3. Changes in Russia4. People War II
Russian peasants supported the Bolsheviks in the 1917 transformation is mainly because the Bolsheviks promised to1. Establish collective farms2. Maintain the farming price support system3. Being contemporary technology come Russian farms4. Re distribution the land own by the nobility
A significant reason why Russian human being supported the Bolshevik in the november 1917 transformation was that the Bolsheviks called for1. An prompt peace settlement with Germany2. A hefty investment and also industry3. Collectivization of agriculture4. The albolation of every religion
The French revolution in the Russian Bolshevik transformation were comparable because complying with both revolutions1. Foreign militaries invaded and restored the old rulers to power2. Governments safeguarded individual rights3. The function of religious beliefs was emphasized4. Dictators concerned power promise an boosted society
The organizations of the revolutionaries have to consist of an initial and foremost and also mainly of world who do revolutionary task their profession such an organization need to of necessity be not as well extensive and also a mystery as possiblethis quotation describes Lenins plan to1. Defeat Germany in people War I2. Develop democracy in Russia3. Keep communist strength in western Europe4. Fall the Russian government
The allied federal governments affirm in Germany accepts the responsibility for resulting in all the lost in damages to which the ally governments and also their nationals have been subjected together a an effect of the war enforced on lock by aggression of Germany this passage is taken indigenous which historic document1. United nations charter2. Contract of Portsmouth 3. Atlantic charter4. Treaty of Versailles
President Woodrow Wilson"s principles were finest represented in the treaty of Versailles and also its provisions calling because that the1. Division of German colonies amongst the allies2. Accept by Germany of complete responsibility for human being War I3. Establishment of a general association that the worlds a nation4. Payment that reparations come the allies by Germany

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