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Some people wonder that they space or are determined that lock are choose their favourite Shugo Chara character. Now they can discover out by doing this quiz. This is for you Shugo Chara fans. Hope you choose it! 😘

Want to know if you"re Tadase or maybe even Ikuto? Or even Amu? Then execute this quiz! It"s perfect for those who have actually just begun the series! ns think that those that don"t know what Shugo Chara is need to do due to the fact that then castle don"t understand who"s that so the won"t damn it the surprise! but anyone deserve to do it! have fun!😘 PS: sorry but Mina is Rima, ns made a mistake! 😢

Created by: EmeeDee

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What is her age? Under 18 years Old 18 to 24 year Old 25 come 30 years Old 31 to 40 year Old 41 to 50 years Old 51 to 60 years Old end 60 year OldWhat is her gender? masculine FemaleFirstly, exactly how are you? Pretty an excellent Good! Not an excellent Horrible Why you questioning this? just do the quiz!Okay, what"s her favourite colour? Dark blue and purple Pink red and also black Gold baby pink purple GreenWhat is your dream? To be my true self people domination! Mahwahaha! To it is in a baby again! and also eat all the cake i want! to be free To it is in a ninja! ns don"t knowWhat colour would certainly your egg/eggs be? Pink and purple Purple and also blue Black green blue and also pink What egg? ns don"t knowAre you great leading? no really... Correctly! In reality I"m the king that the world! currently down prior to me commoners! Mahwahahaha!!! yes I"m nice good. Civilization take me as a leader even though I"m not😡 no one of those is my response Hell noWhat does your name start with? A Y T i R no one of the aboveOkay critical question: walk you prefer this quiz? yes it was good Well done✨✨ It was boring yet if Amu likes the so perform i Yes! now let"s perform some training! It requirements working on NoTricked ya! Whaaa?! Oh, really? the is a terrible joke Awwww! What!!!!!! I hate youI"m i m really sorry if you were mad! You much better be! Don"t be, just maybe not again Don"t speak that ns loved it! If you carry out that you"ll always be sorry that the hell are you?! next pleaseI"m sorry if you were mad! You much better be! Don"t be, simply maybe no again Don"t say that i loved it! If you perform that you"ll constantly be sorry that the hell are you?! next pleaseWant this to it is in over? correctly No

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