Squamous epithelium is a regular finding in the dorsal trachea near the junction between the membranous and cartilaginous part of the trachea.

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From: Haschek and Rousseaux's Handbook that Toxicologic Pathology (Third Edition), 2013

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Donald B. McMillan, Richard J. Harris, in an Atlas of to compare Vertebrate Histology, 2018

Shape the Epithelial Cells

Squamous epithelial cells. The form and illustration of diverted squamous cells have the right to be it was observed in desquamated cell from the superficial class of the lining of the mouth (Figs. C6a and C6b). In the preparation presented here, small detail is derived using an ordinary bright ar microscope (Fig. C6a); the use of differential interference comparison (DIC) (Fig. C6b) improves the image. Note the thin, scale-like appearance of the cells, your nuclei, cytoplasm, cabinet membrane, and also the loved one size and location the the nuclei. Fig. C7 is a totality mount the the great of flattened cells the constitutes the peritoneal lining of the coelom. The organization is composed of flat, polygonal cell fitted very closely together in the way of a pan-full the fried eggs; in this preparation, the intercellular cement has actually been blackened with a silver- precipitate and also the nuclei room stained pale violet. In Fig. C8 these cells are presented in a ar of this tissue. Fig. C9 reflects squamous cells together they appear in a section of the nephric capsule the the kidney. The “fried eggs” may be rolling up to form tubes—blood capillaries—that constitute the smallest materials of the vascular system; exchange that nutrients and wastes occurs throughout these slim cells (Figs. C10a and C10b).



Figure C6b. Detail is amplified by the use of differential interference microscopy.

Figure C6. Fresh squamous epithelial cell scraped native the inside of the human being cheek. 63×.

Figure C7. This is a surface ar view that the peritoneum that lines the body cavity of a vertebrate. The cementing substance in between individual cell is stained black with silver. Prefer a pan the fried eggs, shared pressure of the cell of this simple squamous epithelium causes them to assume a around hexagonal shape. The pass out violet nuclei of few of the cells may be discerned. 40×.

Figure C8. The “fried eggs” the a an easy squamous epithelium room sliced and also seen in side check out at the ideal this section of the peritoneum the a mammal. They rest on vascular connective tissue. 63×.

Figure C9. A simple squamous epithelium lines the urinary space in the kidney of a frog. Most of the micrograph is populated by sections with tubules of the kidney. 40×.

Figure C10a. Simple “fried eggs” may be rolled up to form a thin-walled tube, together in this whole mount the the skin that Ambystoma reflecting a thin-walled blood vessel, a CAPILLARY comprise oval nucleated blood cells. 100×.

Figure C10b. A cross ar of a capillary, looking lot like a signet ring, is in ~ the center is the this ar of the foot of a toad. Many of the ar is populated by overcome sections that muscle cells. Several various other sectioned capillaries room scattered throughout. 63×.

Cuboidal epithelial cells. In this section of the thyroid gland, note the form of the cells creating the follicles and the shape and position that the nuclei (Fig. C11).

Figure C11. A basic cuboidal epithelium surrounds yellowish colloidal product in follicles of the thyroid gland that a mammal. Regularly cell membranes space not clearly shows in sections. If you imagine cabinet membranes in between each pair of nuclei, the cell become basic cuboidal in her mind. 100×.

Columnar epithelial cells. Columnar epithelial cells range from those whose elevation is only slightly better than their various other two dimensions to those the are considerably elongated. The nuclei space usually found toward the base. Identify the columnar epithelium in sections of vertebrate gallbladder and also intestine (Figs. C12 and C13). Keep in mind the shape and location that the nuclei.

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Figure C13. An absorptive simple, columnar epithelium present the intestine the a cat. Note the two cells at the left the resemble stemmed goblets; castle secrete mucus. 63×.