I execute not understand just how you deserve to work the end which element will react an ext readily with an additional element.

For example, I have actually lithium (Li) and sodium (Na) and also I am trying to work-related out which element will be an ext reactive with oxygen. Just how do I regulate to work that out?



Reactivity of team 1 and 2 aspects increases as you go under the periodic table.So salt is an ext reactive 보다 lithium. Sodium will certainly react through oxygen developing $\ceNa2O$ (sodium oxide). Lithium forms lithium oxide $\ce(Li2O)$.

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Basically, there are basic trends (reactivity with acids, air, etc.) down a group or along a period.



Here is a harder version of the price above.

Sodium has actually 3 electron shells when lithium has only 2 electron shells

Sodium deserve to donate its electrons an ext easily because the valence electron is further from the nucleus and also the pressure of attraction in between both is weaker.

Whereas lithium donates the electron less easily due to the fact that the valence electron is closer come the nucleus and the force of attraction in between both is stronger.This is why sodium will "react more" v oxygen compare to lithium

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In Lassaigne's test, the organic link is first fused v Sodium Metal rather of any type of other team 1 Metal, Why is this so?
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