I do not understand how you deserve to work out which aspect will react more readily through one more element.

For instance, I have actually lithium (Li) and also sodium (Na) and I am trying to job-related out which aspect will certainly be more reactive through oxygen. How do I manage to job-related that out?



Retask of Group 1 and 2 facets increases as you go down the regular table.So sodium is more reenergetic than lithium. Sodium will certainly react via oxygen developing $ceNa2O$ (sodium oxide). Lithium develops lithium oxide $ce(Li2O)$.

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Basically, tbelow are general fads (retask via acids, air, etc.) down a group or alengthy a duration.



Here is a harder variation of the answer over.

Sodium has actually 3 electron shells while lithium has only 2 electron shells

Sodium deserve to donate its electrons more quickly bereason the valence electron is further from the nucleus and the pressure of attraction in between both is weaker.

Whereas lithium donates its electron much less quickly because the valence electron is closer to the nucleus and also the pressure of attractivity in between both is more powerful.This is why sodium will "react more" via oxygen compare to lithium

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In Lassaigne's test, the organic compound is initially fused with Sodium Metal instead of any type of various other Group 1 Metal, Why is this so?
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