While most of the enjoyment of the cigar-smoking suffer comes the top quality of the stogie itself, cutting it poorly can result in a less-than-stellar smoke. Most world cut too lot off your cigar, but with simply a tiny bit that know-how, it’s rather easy to acquire it simply right. That know-how begins with understanding the anatomy of her stogie.

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Above, you’ll view a simple diagram that a cigar. What the doesn’t show is the inside, i m sorry is comprised of tightly rolled tobacco leaves. Roughly those leaves is one an ext leaf, the highest quality of the entire cigar, the acts as the wrapper. Unlike with a cigarette, which supplies a file wrapper, the whole of a cigar — minus the band/label, which is simply a brand signifier — is tobacco. 

On a new cigar, one finish — the “foot” — is already open. The other end — the “cap” — is attached by a tiny piece of tobacco leaf that’s separate from the key wrapper. As the cap end of the cigar will certainly go in her mouth, it need to be cut open before you deserve to smoke it.

The score in make this cut is to produce a smooth opened without compromising the integrity of the cigar. You want to cut enough turn off for a smooth draw, however not so lot that you reduced into the key wrapper and also risk it unraveling. You need to additionally cut conveniently so the the break is clean and not frayed; you’ll always get some little flecks that wrapper in your mouth, but much fewer with a clean cut.

For tips on just how to execute this sort of cut and also get the many out of her cigar, read on.

Types that Cigar Cutters

This isn’t an exhaustive list of the varieties of cigar cutters out there, however if you’re utilizing something various other than these, you’re a genuine connoisseur, and won’t require this tutorial anyway. 

Guillotine. By far the most common type of cigar cutter. It’s typically double-bladed, and unlike a genuine guillotine, assaults its victim from 2 sides fairly than just one. No have to skimp — even the stainless steel range only costs around $10 and will critical years and also years.

Punch. Looks sort of choose a bullet and also does simply what the says: punches a hole in the end of the cigar fairly than clipping some off. Proponents of the beat say that less disastrous to the cigar and that it perhaps makes the a bit much more full-bodied. This aren’t as common, yet come in handy due to the fact that they’re quickly kept top top a keychain and also can’t by chance chop a finger off.

Knife/Mouth. In dire straits, it’s straightforward to improvise cut a cigar. If you have a bag knife top top you, which friend should, usage it to make a crude, but effective cut. Sans even that option, usage your chompers to make an even more crude cut by biting off just the end. It’ll be a turbulent opening, of course, so feel free to exhilaration the stogie backwards — the is, native the end that wasn’t just reduced (for the matter, girlfriend can always smoke the backwards if you’ve made a bad cut).

How to make a Perfect Cut

1. Find the cap.


As mentioned above, the lid is just a little piece the tobacco the covers the end and also keeps the entirety thing together. It’s an extremely easy come locate. This is every you desire to reduced — no more. 

2. Position the chisels right on the cigar, just inside the finish of the cap.


You desire to place the blades a pair millimeters in indigenous the finish of the cap. 

Another view. It’s really not very much the you’re cutting off.

3. Make a quick cut — no lollygagging.


The first couple of cigars i cut, ns was as well tentative, and also ended up v flayed cuts. Because that a clean, smooth smoking cigarettes experience, “rip off the bandaid” and cut the cigar firmly and also quickly. It may not be perfectly right — that’s just just how it walk — but it’ll most likely at the very least be clean and leave fewer little tobacco flecks to end up in her mouth.

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This cut ended increase just about perfect and the lid cleanly come off.

3a. Utilizing a punch. Using a beat is terribly easy. Girlfriend insert the punch, pull out the punch, and also voila! You have actually a smokable cigar.

4. Smoke and enjoy! For an ext tips top top that, check out our illustrated guide to smoking a cigar.