Yes, I do read points that aren’t subtitles…sometimes. And, I’ll also admit that my reading may or may not be influenced by dramas… but anyway! it seems prefer China has been churning out quite a couple of drama adaptations of Chinese novels these days for who-knows-what reason, yet I guess that’s a good way of making certain you begin off through at least some viewer-interest.

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Recently, there’s a drama called “Where Winters room Warm, wherein Summers space Cool,” or in Chinese: 何所冬暖,何所夏凉 (hé suǒ dōng nuǎn hé suǒ xià liáng). It also appears to have actually a variety of other English execution of the title, however let’s not gain into that for now.


It’s based turn off a novel by Celine Gu Xi Jue (Simplified: 顾西爵, Traditional: 顧西爵, Pinyin: gù xī jué). When waiting approximately for more episodes, I found that this series isn’t currently being subbed, and also that the drama also differs contempt in tone from the original novel. So~ i went around searching for the novel and figured, why not I shot and interpret (the novel)?

No promises as to how much I get through or if I’ll ever get with it all, and if it ever gets picked up by subbers, I may or may not stop translating altogether. However for now, i figured that anyone waiting for English subtitles have the right to at the very least read my translations while castle wait—maybe it’ll help those watching RAWs recognize a bit around what’s walk on, too. Just keep in mind the the drama doesn’t precisely reflect the novel…

Given that this is my an initial novel translation project, and that I have actually no editor (just me, myself, and also I), please take it v a light heart—feel totally free to comment and let me understand what you think, whether my translation style bothers you, or if over there are any kind of mistakes, typos, etc. Promise, i don’t bite!

Feel complimentary to inspect out the synopsis on before you start reading, if you’d like. I’m simply translating as I check out the novel, too, so… right here goes!



You smiled faintly, no saying anything to me, and also yet ns felt the for this, ns had already waited a lengthy time.

Part OneChapter 1

The plane eased its method down the runway together the lights on the Eiffel tower shone, brilliant as always. I turned my body ago and rested it against the back of the chair, closing mine eyes, breath slowly. There room always certain things that must be endured. Because that example, planes acquisition off. For example, returning to my house country.*

A good while later, i felt like I heard who calling me.

“Oh?” Shen Qing Yu pushed open up the door and also came in. “An Jie, you were home?”


“Have you been in the examine this entirety time? Did friend eat lunch?”

“I ate a little.” i casually answered, debating whether i should just return to my room because that now, or wait a small longer since she might leave soon.

Shen Qing Yu traction a document out from one of the bookcase drawers. “I still should go out best now. Both her father and I might not be returning residence for dinner tonight, either.” She took a glance at me. “You read your books, then. Remember to eat dinner.”

I nodded, and also she opened up the door and left.

“Xi Chen, why room you additionally home…”

The sounds coming from the hallway external the study sounded both far and also near, but I didn’t care to hear for details. The cool loss wind blow on the human body puts one to sleep.*

I wonder what Ye Lin is doing ideal now? He claimed he to be going to play basketball through his friends. Every weekend, he’s always so liven that us never acquire to meet.☞ translate in ☞ through ☞ Faye-ri ☞A lengthy time after that, i felt prefer someone to be calling me. Quiet waking from mine slumber, I witnessed a fuzzy image of Shen Qing Yu standing prior to me.

“I’m sorry, one Jie, for waking friend up. I* desire to ask, go you move one of the documents anywhere? it looks pretty much like this one, in a yellow envelope, and also was within of that drawer.”

I frowned, “No.”

“That’s weird, then. That was absolutely there. Why can’t I find it anymore?”

I sat up, picked up the book that had actually slipped onto the floor, and picked out 2 thick painting publications with the intentionally of going ago to my room.

“An Jie, think again carefully. Go you relocate it, placed it what else, and then forget?”

I shook mine head, “I never touched it.”

“That doesn’t make sense. You’re the just one who’s remained in the research today.”

I opened up the door to leave, however she held me back. “Wait, child, why space you so—Oh, ns really need it urgently. Even if girlfriend haven’t checked out it, you must still help look because that it, shouldn’t you?”

Her pulling made me somewhat uncomfortable. “Don’t pull me.”

“Say, you—I’m speak to you nicely. Why carry out you constantly give me this kind of attitude?”

“Please let go…”

“Did friend hide the document away on objective to give me a difficult time?”

Due to mine psychological fear of gaining dirty, i couldn’t care anymore even if it is it was disrespectful or not and also pulled my arm back, prying it out of her grasp.

“Wait, don’t leave!”

I don’t recognize why she constantly had to come trouble me. She’s the one who made my dad abandon mine mother and made me feeling so upset and also wronged.

“Stop ideal there!”

She captured up and also grabbed me, roughly. Ever since I to be little, I’d always been fear of together sudden, huge movements, and so i subconsciously propelled her away, hard. Every little thing that happened captured me turn off guard. Shen Qing Yu fell backwards. Behind her were stairs. In shock, i yelled, “Be careful!” I wanted to seize on to she hand, however there wasn’t also the opportunity for me to execute so!

I watched she tumble down. I heard her crying out. But my feet to be nailed come the floor, frozen.*

I heard someone run over.

“What in the human being did you do?! What go you carry out to Auntie Qing!*”

What have I done? my hand was trembling. Ns looked at the blurry zero in former of me. I couldn’t tell that it was, but… can you offer me a hand? ns didn’t carry out it on purpose. I didn’t desire to hurt her…

SLAP.✗ no ✗ to ✗ it is in ✗ duplicated ✗ or ✗ reposted ✗ without ✗ permission ✗“Miss, Miss.” ns heard someone gently trying come arouse me. With some effort, I regulated to open up my eyes.

The flight attendant leaned down. “Miss, room you emotion unwell? You’re looking really pale.”

“I’m fine.”

How numerous times have I had actually this dream now? 10 times, 15 times, or more?

I increased my hand and also looked at my palm. Over there was part cold sweat, and also it was likewise trembling a little.

The only witness had held me accountable for being the culprit…❧s❧e❧r❧i❧f❧s❧2❧l❧i❧f❧e❧.❧w❧o❧r❧d❧p❧r❧e❧s❧s❧.❧c❧om❧That’s right. I brought about the kid in her belly to die with miscarriage. I eliminated what would’ve been my half-sister or half-brother. I, too, obtained my punishment. Her beautiful nephew slapped me in the face. The was my first time gaining slapped by someone – it just hurt, so, therefore much. In the end, Jian Zhen Lin gave me a ticket* and I went to France for six years.

At last, ns still come back.

I take it a deep breath and also looked out v the taxi window at the cold winter scenery. This is China, my homeland.

I believed that I would certainly never collection foot here ever again, but in the end, one inquiry from my mommy still controlled to bring me back here.

She wished because that me to return to the Jian household.


* <1> My translation: “returning to my house country”Original: 回國 (huí guó)– This is a phrase offered to to express “returning come the (home) country” or “the motherland.” In the Chinese language, this generally refers come China.

* <2> My translation: “The cool fall wind punch on the body puts one come sleep”Original: 秋天的涼風吹在人身上催人入眠 (qiū tiān de liáng fēng chuī zài rén shēn shàng cuī rén rù mián)– believe it or not, this (portion that the) sentence was composed in 3rd person, for this reason I interpreted it because of this in order to keep the author’s initial tone. I taken into consideration translating the as:“The cool fall wind blowing on my body was placing me come sleep.”but then I would be transforming the author’s tone, and I don’t really prefer doing that… So, I’m walk to protect against it as best I can, especially when such sentences space specifically composed as so. Despite being composed in the 3rd person, that is implied—especially when supplied in a occupational written in very first person, such together this one—that they are thoughts/events directly involving or coming from the allude of see of the narrator.

* <3> My translation: “I/me”Original: 阿姨 (ā yí)– back 阿姨 (ā yí) method “aunt,” Shen Qing Yu is in reality An Jie’s stepmother. Calling her stepmother “aunt” as opposed come “mother” implies that an Jie doesn’t and isn’t meant to recognize Shen Qing Yu as a mother-figure.– Notice, the “aunt” (stepmother) is introduce to it s her in the third person. It’s typical in Chinese culture for parents/elders to describe themselves in 3rd person when speaking to youngsters (even despite An Jie isn’t a kid anymore). However, I will certainly be translating these events into very first person (I/me/etc.) so that it flows better in English.

* <4> My translation: “feet were nailed to the floor, frozen”Original: 腳步定在地上動都不能動 (jiǎo bù dìng zài dì shàng dòng dōu bù néng dòng)– This line actually says “my footsteps were resolved to the floor, unable to move,” i m sorry is just a little bit too literal for my tastes…

* <5> My translation: “Auntie Qing”Original: 晴姨 (qīng yí)– Shen Qing Yu is Xi Xi Chen’s aunt. His addressing her as 晴姨 (qīng yí) provides it sound favor they have an close partnership with each other. Together for why I’m utilizing “auntie” and also not simply “aunt”? ns don’t know. Ns guess ns think that sounds an ext affectionate. However, if anyone wants to offer me reason as to why I must use “aunt” instead, I’m not opposed to considering the alternate either, haha.

* <6> My translation: “gave me a ticket”Original: 給我一張卡 (gěi wǒ yì zhāng kǎ)– Literally, it actually states that Jian Zhen Lin offered her a “card.” But, I’m not sure if the author actually way a literal “card” favor a credit card, or is instead referring to a penalty ticket (“penalty card”) of some sort. Together someone native a well-to-do family, I would imagine the An Jie probably already had credit transaction cards at she disposal. Also, why would it be vital for the author to specify she receiving a credit transaction card of all things?– Now, around the “penalty ticket/card” theory… In Chinese, there is such thing as a 好人卡 (hǎo rén kǎ) which is accurate a “good human being card.” This so-called “card” is not something physically given to people. Instead, it is provided to to express to:When someone rejects one admirer by saying, “You’re a an excellent person, but I’m sorry ns don’t favor you/etc.”In Chinese, we define that as “被發 (bèi fā) 好人卡 (hǎo rén kǎ),” or “being handed a an excellent person card.” This can probably be likened to the hatchet “being friend-zoned” in English.

Words from the Translator

I welcome any type of opinions as to what this “card” that she was provided is in reality referring to, haha!

To be honest, I have a love-hate partnership with translating. It’s cool and also I enjoy sharing what i am able come understand across languages and across cultures, however at the same time i can’t assist but concern whether I’m “doing the right thing.”

I’m someone who believes that too much of a great thing is bad—too countless translations being made available method that an ext people could be losing what would certainly have end up being their an inspiration for finding out a new language in the first place. However, I likewise understand that interpreted content help stimulate interest in foreign culture. And so, that’s ultimately one the the reasons why I’m law this.

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One of the points I’m likewise trying to carry out is preserve the author’s voice and also tone while translating, since every author has your own specific style, and also one the the finest parts of analysis through the Chinese version of “Where Winter is Warm, whereby Summer is Cool” is the description and also imagery that the author weaves in to each scene to make her words involved life.

So, since I’m do the efforts to interpret as very closely as feasible to the initial text (while tho trying not to sound too literal or azer in English), if over there are any Chinese-learning readers, i encourage friend to offer the initial Chinese message a try as well—you have the right to use my translation together a guide to help you out. Likewise, any Chinese-speakers learning English take place to come throughout this, feel totally free to to compare my translations with the initial text and also let me understand what you think!