Filming places for the standard 2010 movie get an impression Ups have the right to be discovered in various cities almost everywhere the State the Massachusetts.

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Where’s the Lake house seen in the film?

Much the the movie was filmed in ~ a real house located ~ above Centennial road in Essex, Massachusetts


Map It! 99 Centennial Grove Rd, Essex, MA 01929

updated – June 2016: posted this particular day that a movie called Grown Ups will be filming top top Lake Chebacco in Essex, MA. At the moment of this posting, we execute not know what scene the lake was used for. Please check back later.

The Woodmans the Essex situated in Essex was supplied in the film.

google street view 121 key St, Essex, MA 01929

Location #3 is wherein the Funeral scenes to be filmed. This to be the Pilgrim Congregational Church located on Common Street in Southborough


google street view 15 usual St, Southborough, MA 01772

Visit get an impression Ups 2 Filming areas Here!


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‘Grown Ups’

Filming Dates: Sept 2018 – Oct 2018

Starring:Adam Sandler,Salma Hayek,Kevin James,David Spade

First released Apr 19, 2016, 5:56

Behind The scenes | It was Filmed right here | whereby Was the Filmed?

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