Get prepared to reserve her rooms for the upcoming NFL season. Ours extended-stay hotel is located simply 10 minute from the Lambeau Field. We are also really close to the environment-friendly Bay Metro's two shuttles the run cost-free Game Day courses to and from the games.

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Not just do you gain to attend a game, yet you additionally learn a lot about the Packers. Take it a walk on the Packer"s heritage Trail, or participate in the Lambeau ar Tours. Visit the Packer hall of Fame, or examine out Curly Lambeau"s birthplace home. V close proximity to all things Packers, our hotel is the ideal ar for any type of Packers fan out there.

Learn about the eco-friendly Bay Packers' colorful and also rich history when you take a walk v the Packers heritage Trail. Designed together a self-guided go tour, this trail weaves two stories, the Packers' story and the story of the human being of green Bay.
The main trail starts around three blocks far from our hotel. The story concentrates on the 50 year that covered the reigns of Curly Lambeau and Vince Lombardi. The whole story is presented on 22 commemorative plaques situated at sites where the blended history of the Packers, and their fans during that period, in reality unfolded.

Experience the Packer"s history-rich facility first hand and check out many behind the scenes areas during the Lambeau field Tours. There are three different tour choices available: the standard Stadium Tour, the champions Tour, and also the legendary Tour.
Tickets are marketed on a first-come, first-served basis because that each day's easily accessible tours. Tickets cannot be offered over the phone or in advance. They are accessible in the green Bay Packers room of Fame, situated in Lambeau field Atrium, i m sorry is just ten minutes far from the hotel!

The brand-new 15,000 sq. Ft., two-level eco-friendly Bay Packers hall of fame is located simply 10 minutes from ours hotel, top top the main floor that the Lambeau ar Atrium. Learn about the background of the Packers and teams these days with the aid of brand-new technology, interactive displays, and a sweetheart trove of artefacts at the hall of Fame
You can watch Packers legends explain historic games in their own words and also scroll v touch display screens to click on audio segments and video clips. The new Hall that Fame also has the trophies native the Packers" 13 civilization championships top top display. The most well-known exhibit, though, is Vince Lombardi"s office.

Going come the game? Make use of complimentary Game Day routes to Lambeau ar instead of driving and struggling to park in ~ the games.
Two of these shuttles pick up attendees right across the street from our hotel. The bus will certainly drop you off at Lombard Avenue, ideal in former of the Atrium.

Located in the Lambeau field Atrium, just ten minutes from the hotel, the Packers agree Shop store is open year-round through special hrs for training camp, ~ above gamedays, and holidays.
Curly Lambeau"s birthplace home is ideal for her next event or party, particularly if you room a aboriginal of eco-friendly Bay. Also if girlfriend don"t have a function, you can spend an evening, or whole Packer weekend at the place where it every began. The birthplace house of Curley Lambeau is located simply minutes from the hotel.

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Curly Lambeau started his first game in the Old City Stadium. Originally made totally of wood, and also expanded many times to reach top capacity of roughly 25,000, the Old City Stadium has been contract out, but still master football games as home ar games for the environment-friendly Bay east High School. Perform visit this historical stadium, situated a few minutes' drive from our hotel, when you visit green Bay.