There is minimal parking around the Greek Theatre. Please plan accordingly to enable for the time important to find parking, and also the time it might take to walk the crucial distance come the Greek Theatre.

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All lots room controlled and also operated by UC Berkeley Parking & Traffic. Please note that this lots expropriate credit cards only and also do not open to the general public for concert parking till 5:00pm – for much more information, click here. The most convenient parking structure to the Greek Theatre is located at Hearst Avenue and also Gayley Road/ La Loma Avenue. Various other parking structures include the reduced Hearst Parking lot located at Hearst Avenue between Euclid Avenue and also Scenic Avenue and also the Underhill Parking Structure located along college Avenue in between Channing method and Haste Street.

Disabled parking is easily accessible at upper Hearst parking garage in ~ the edge of Hearst Ave and also Gayley Road. Top Hearst parking garage has actually the ideal path of travel (one fairly level block) from the parking area to the Greek Theatre. Please note that there is a curbside drop-off area on Gayley Road just north of the Greek Theatre entrance because that passengers with mobility disabilities who choose to minimization the travel distance come the Greek Theatre.

Driving from interstate 80

Exit on college Avenue.Continue east on university until girlfriend hit the campus at Oxford Street (approximately 1.5 miles).Turn left ~ above Oxford Street.Turn ideal on Hearst.Continue east up the hill past Euclid Avenue come Gayley Road.Turn right on Gayley Road. The Greek Theatre will be on her left.

Driving indigenous Hwy 24 Westbound

Exit on Telegraph Avenue.Continue phibìc on Telegraph roughly 2 mile to Durant Street.Turn ideal on Durant, and also turn left ~ above Piedmont Avenue.Continue north, and also Piedmont will certainly turn into Gayley Road.The Greek Theatre will be on her right.


If you pick to bike come the show, cycle racks are located just across the street ~ above campus outside of the Haas institution of Business. The ride to the Greek is uphill yet makes for a nice cruise earlier down ~ the show!


If you room commuting from exterior of Berkeley, BART is a an excellent option. The closest BART terminal is Downtown Berkeley, which is located at Center and Shattuck. Visit to uncover schedules and your nearest Bart Station.

From the RICHMOND heat - Exit in ~ the DOWNTOWN BERKELEY station (Shattuck and Center Streets). Go 1 block east on center Street come the campus, then consult the campus map at the West Entrance and walk east across campus come the Greek Theatre (approximately a 20 minute walk) situated on Gayley Rd.From the CONCORD line - Exit in ~ ROCKRIDGE station and also take a #51 AC Transit bus phibìc on university Avenue to the campus and exit in ~ Bancroft means and university Ave. Walk eastern on Bancroft to Piedmont Avenue/Gayley Road. Walk north on Gayley Road and the Greek Theatre will certainly be on her right.


From BART you can take AC transit for $1.75. Inspect out to aid plan your trip.

51 – This bus picks up at center & Shattuck and also will take you to College and Durant. Continue to walk increase Durant, rotate left ~ above Piedmont and walk till you reach the Greek (on your right).7 – The 7 also picks up at facility & Shattuck yet it comes less often. You deserve to take the 7 to Durant and Piedmont and then walk phibìc on Piedmont come the Greek.F & 52L – If you space coming indigenous Hearst you can capture the F or 52L in ~ Oxford & Hearst and take it right to the Greek.

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If you space in the area, take it a nice walk as much as Greek. It is a beloved walk v the UC Berkeley campus.