Where is the medicine for olivine gym leader?

To get there, you need to have Surf (obviously) and go west of Olivine onto route 40/41. Just keep surfing till you find the home that look at odd. That’s the pharmacy, whereby you gain the SecretPotion. Walk to Cianwood City (requires Surf) then walk to the pharmacy climate the guy in over there will offer you the medicine.

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Where is the rare candy in Olivine City?


Rare CandyNear the northeast corner of the lighthouse (hidden) (requires absent Climb)HG SS
PRZCureBerryHeld through Volty, a Voltorb the player have the right to receive in a tradeG S C
Cheri BerryHeld through Billy, a Voltorb the player can receive in a tradeHG SS

How execute you struggle the gym leader in Olivine City?

Who perform you gain the gym leader in olivine city come come the end of the lighthouse in SoulSilver?

1 vote. First you must go to the peak of the lighthouse and also talk come jasmine. 0 votes. You have to offer her the an enig Potion crucial Item which can be acquired by going to the medication shop ~ above the island v Chuck’s Gym. 0 votes.

How perform you gain through olivine lighthouse?

The gym leader begs you come travel across the water to the west to grab medicine from Cianwood City. Agree to carry out so, and also then use the elevator to with the first floor the the lighthouse, where you can then head earlier outside and also begin her westward trip (grab the supervisor Potion prior to leaving the optimal floor!)

Where is the medication in gold?

Cianwood City

Where perform you obtain the medicine for Ampharos in gold?

Gold, Silver, and also Crystal the is only obtainable once, indigenous the pharmacy in Cianwood City.

How do you heal Amphy in Olivine City?

Amphy deserve to be discovered at the top of Olivine’s sparkle Lighthouse. In the Generation II and IV games, however, that is sick as soon as the player very first arrives in Olivine City. ~ climbing the Lighthouse, Jasmine asks the player come travel across the sea to Cianwood City to acquire the SecretPotion that will certainly cure Amphy.

How perform you make a secret potion?


You have to take the stairs and also fight the trainers in the lighthouse. Go up into the lighthouse and also go all method up,jump the end the home window and go around and also go inside and also find ladder to acquire to Jasmine. You gain it indigenous the structure next to the pokemart in cian timber town.

Where perform I obtain the mystery potion?

The mystery Potion (ひでんのくすり an enig Medicine), named SecretPotion before Generation VI, is a unique form of medicine exclusively dispersed by the Pharmacy in Cianwood City.

Where is the mystery potion in Pokemon Pearl?


pokemonjtl you r right. At the one of the ends of pastriou city (sorry for spelling)there have to be a grunt. You need to discover Cynthia by Lake Valor. Indigenous Cynthia after you unlock Lake Valor. If you average the one the Psyducks leave since of, I’m 110% certain Cynthia offers it to you.

Where is the mystery potion in Pokemon Diamond?


start the chase in the city v that one male water gym leader person. The grunt is by the “safari” zone. Just go to Veilstone and walk upwards towards the top of the city and Cynthia will certainly come and talk 2 u and also give u the SecretPotion. Have you tried beginning from wherein the chase began? in the Pokemart.

Where is the medicine Ampharos?

2 Answers. Friend surf to Cianwood City, then look for the pharmacy. A man will offer you the medicine.

Where is Cianwood city in Pokemon Gold?

To obtain to Cianwood City, head west the Olivine’s Pokemon Center and start Surfing. Take trip in a south westerly direction and also you must reach land. If you’re having actually trouble, just follow the barriers. You’ll it is in fighting trainers, Tentacool and Tentacruel along the way.

How carry out you get rid of Psyducks?

On course 210, over there is a pack of Psyducks that space blocking the path to get to Celestic Town. You need a distinct potion come cure this Psyducks. If you walk to Lake Valor Lakefront, there will be Team Galactic Members. Cynthia will talk to you and give you the an enig Potion.

What perform you carry out after Veilstone gym?

Go to course 214!

After beating the Veilstone Gym, go to the northwestern corner of Veilstone City. Lucas/Dawn leaves after getting his/her Pokedex earlier from Team Galactic Grunts. Now that you’ve done whatever you can do because that now, there’s no factor to continue to be in Veilstone City.

Can psyduck evolve?


Is Defog essential in diamond?

Defog (Japanese: きりばらい Fog Wipe) is a non-damaging Flying-type move presented in Generation IV. It to be HM05 in Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum. Defog can not be used exterior of fight without the Fen argorial in Diamond and Pearl and the Relic badge in Platinum.

How do you get Defog?


When you enter the good Marsh in Pastoria, a male on your appropriate should have actually it when you enter. Once you go into the pastoria good marsh,talk to the male to your right and he’ll offer it to you.

Who deserve to learn Defog?

Learnt through breeding

Zubat. #041 / toxicity · Flying. Flying.Scyther. #123 / bug · Flying. Bug.Hoothoot. #163 / common · Flying. Flying.Noctowl. #164 / typical · Flying. Flying.Scizor. #212 / bug · Steel. Bug.Seedot. #273 / Grass. Field, Grass.Nuzleaf. #274 / Grass · Dark. Field, Grass.Shiftry. #275 / Grass · Dark. Field, Grass.

Does Defog remove tailwind?

Defog removes all hazards, for this reason stylistically it should remove every tailwind, yet that can make it useless.

Can Pelipper learn Defog?

It requires pokemon v the Pentagon and/or Cross. Defog is literally only an excellent in 6v6 lol.

Can Togekiss discover Defog?

So, v everyone talking about the defog buff and also togekiss’ new flying/fairy typing, ns think I want to use him as my hazard clearer, problem is, defog is only available to togekiss together HM05 top top diamond, pearl and also platinum.

Is Defog a good move?

Defog’s primary use top top a team is short and also simple: clear the field of hazards. When this is its main use, it also has a convenient bonus impact of removing light Screen and Reflect, so Defog is a an excellent way to damage suicide display leads.

Does Defog eliminate weather?

Most of the types of weather have a relocate or capacity that will cause that weather. Wait Lock and also Cloud Nine also suspend the effects of weather while they space active. In addition, Defog may clear fog indigenous an overworld area (in Generation IV only). That is the only move that has any kind of effect ~ above weather in the overworld.

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Does Defog remove trick room?

Defog destroys cheat room : stunfisk.


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